The Flash Season 3 final episode came as a surprise to a lot of flash followers. First, it was not Iris who died in the hand of Savitar. H.R. Wells made the ultimate sacrifice of switching himself with Iris and died in her place. Dr. Caitlyn Snow A.K.A. Killer Frost came back to her senses and somehow helped Team Flash save the day. An unbalanced Speed Force is threatening to destroy the whole Central City because no speedster is trapped inside it. And lastly, Barry Allen or The Flash entering the speed force as a form of atonement for Flashpoint thereby trapping himself inside it.

Season four’s initials episode is highly being anticipated worldwide. The premiere episode is aptly titled: The Flash: Rebirth. It will tackle the issue of Barry Allen’s release from the speed force. It is a continuation of the last episode of season 3 when the Flash entered the speed force. Wally West aka Kid Flash teams up with Cisco Ramon aka vibes in defending Central City during the flash absence. They will also look for ways to spring out the flash out of the speed force.

New villains to face

During the last few episodes of the previous season, the reverse flash, Abra Kadabra. Zoom and Savitar spoke of a new enemy that Team Flash has not yet met. The new villain in Season 4 is Clifford Devoe aka “The Thinker.” According to IGN US, Devoe is a non-speedster and non-meta human being.

A disgraced attorney who acts as an adviser to various criminals in the city. He has a “Thinking Cap” that allows him to control minds and levitate objects at will. He would be a formidable foe for Team Flash.

A new meta-human might be introduced in the premiere episode of The Flash Season 4. Photo hints leaked by production staff, the new enemy resembles a Japanese samurai.

He could be a Samuroid or a samurai robotic warrior used by Japan after World War 2. The Vibes and Kid Flash would collaborate with the rest of Team Flash to fight the new villain. A possible “time jump” may again be used to explain the presence of the Samuroid in present day Central City.

Iris West as head of Team Flash

With Barry Allen trapped in the speed force and H.R.

Wells killed last season, it would be Iris West who will head Team Flash. Cisco Ramon and Wally West will try put themselves in the Flash shoes while the latter is trapped in the speed force. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that the Flash absence in season 4 would not be long. Team Flash will move heaven and earth to set him free from the speed force.

Season 4 will see Iris West and Cisco Ramon in the limelight. Expect more brains than brawn this season. Their team up with Earth 2 Harrison Wells will be explosive. Stay tuned for more updates in the days to come. The Flash Season 4 will premiere on October 10, 2017.