"St Elmo's Fire" star Rob Lowe has certainly been a busy man. Lowe, 52 recently opened up about his latest TV venture "The Lowe Files" so far revealing his up-close encounter with Bigfoot and now with a ghost!

Rob Lowe and sons new take on ghostbusting

Rob Lowe reveals that he has communicated with a ghostly spirit and his new television series with A&E "The Lowe Files" is set to begin airing on August 2. During the series, viewers will see Rob traveling the country with his two sons, Matthew and John Owen, looking for answers to some of the biggest unexplained mysteries of our time.

Family time turns frightening in new A&E series "The Lowe Files"

Rob and his boys opened up about their new television adventure series during the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour on July 28th in Beverly Hills revealing that during one segment of the series he communicated with a ghost.

“Yeah — now. I hadn’t previously to this. It was through the Ovilus,” Lowe, 52, answered. “There’s a device they use that the theory is it can translate ... that the spirits can talk through this device, for a lack of better term. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me the science, I don’t know.”

Lowe claims he is convinced by the encounter stating that the spirit had revealed her name and the details of her death.

Rob spoke out during the interview revealing that he does not want to come across like some kind of "nut." However, seeing is believing. The one important thing Rob reveals he has gained from this venture is that he has got to spend a lot of father/son time with his boys and they have made a lot of great memories in the process.

Rob Lowe's ghost encounter is not the only excitement the three Lowe men have had while filming the series. As previously reported, Rob reveals he had another crazy encounter. While Rob and his sons explored the Ozark Mountains in search of the "wood ape," (Bigfoot) while camping the actor states they were not disappointed.

Lowe claims that nothing about the show is staged and that every event documented on the series actually took place.

One thing that is 100 percent for real is the incredible bond Rob has with his boys. Check out the video below of Rob and his sons sharing some funny family details about their recent adventures.

Rob's fans will recall him rising to popularity in the 1980's as a teen heartthrob and member of the "Brat Pack." Starring in hit films such as "St. Elmo's Fire," "About Last Night," and "The Outsiders" before switching to television. Throughout the years Lowe has also maintained a successful career in TV with shows including, "The West Wing," "Brothers & Sisters," and "Parks and Recreations."

What are your thoughts on Rob Lowe's incredible encounters? The "Lowe Files" begins airing on August 2nd on A&E at 10 p.m. Each week fans can watch Rob, and his sons seeking out new mysterious stories and spooky legends.