Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" has revealed a lot about herself and her upbringing in her new memoir, Read Between the Lines. The star has had a notoriously contentious relationship with her mother, Babara, who has reared her eldest son Jace since he was a baby due to Jenelle's ongoing issues with heroin. The pair's relationship has become unsalvageable due to these issues, and Jenelle Evans has even gone so far as to cross her mother off of the invitation list at her wedding.

While Jenelle handed custody of Jace over to her mother when she was still a teen, the star claims that Barbara manipulated this situation and that Jenelle was tricked into signing over her parental rights.

Barbara manipulates

According to Jenelle's memoir, Barbara manipulated Jenelle in order to ensure that Jace stayed with her. Although "Teen Mom 2" and Jenelle's "16 & Pregnant" episodes show that Jenelle didn't stop partying after she had Jace, she claims that her mother told her to "go out and party" and relax with her friends.

When Jenelle came home from her night out, she noticed that CPS (Child Protective Services) was there and that she was being cited for being a negligent mother. However, this story is a bit in contention with what was shown on the television show, as Jenelle seemed to party often on her own free will. She and Barbara often seemed to get into screaming matches over this, and the pair's fractured and dysfunctional relationship was on full display at the time.

Jenelle and her mother today

Jenelle and Barbara have a very fractured relationship to this day. While Jenelle has been clean of heroin for several years, Barbara has kept Jace and acted as his primary custodian despite that fact. Jenelle has attempted to amend the custody agreement of her son with her mother, but it hasn't gone to plan.

While Jenelle is hoping to get a new custody agreement in the future so that she can become the primary custodian of Jace, for now, the pair have a plan worked out like a divorced couple. This way, neither party can withhold visitation of Jace just because they are angry at the other person.

Jenelle has stated that she no longer trusts her mother and that there will never be a relationship between them.

Sadly, this likely means Barbara also won't have a relationship with her other two grandchildren, Kaiser, 3, and Ensley, 6 months, because Jenelle is not interested in any of them spending time together.