For those who can't get enough of the mystery and intrigue surrounding eerie legends and strange stories, actor Rob Lowe is hosting a new series. Along with his Sons Matthew and John Owen, Rob Lowe is traveling across the country in an attempt to answer questions that have been plaguing the family patriarch since he was a child.

"Since I was a little boy, I loved spooky legends and scary mysteries and when I had boys of my own, we bonded over those campfire stories and debated whether Big Foot was real or if ghosts really existed," Lowe states in a sneak-peek trailer of the new series.

"And we swore that one day, we would find out those answers together. That day has come."

On the hunt for aliens, spirits, and cryptids

Exploring the country with his sons also offers Lowe the opportunity to spend quality time with his sons, who are on the verge of venturing off on their own to experience life for themselves. What better way to spend time together than exploring what could be an alien base which is said to be located 2,000 feet underwater off the coast of Malibu, California.

Perhaps trying to draw out the spirit of a murder victim at an abandoned boy's reformatory, which is located at a place called Preston Castle, is considered by the family a great place to make memories together.

A terrifying encounter with Bigfoot

Social media has been buzzing recently with several articles such as the one appearing in Entertainment Weekly concerning Lowe's claim that he had quite the frightening close call with a Sasquatch in the Ozark Mountains, or what the locals in the region refer to as a Wood Ape.

He told EW that while camping, something approached them despite being warned by armed men not to come any closer.

Lowe stated that he was lying on the ground thinking he would be killed. Viewers will have to wait to see exactly what occurred since the encounter is part of the final episode.

Lowe will bring viewers along for some great adventures as he delves into the unknown

No matter what the ultimate reason may be for the Lowe men to explore popular legends during each of the scheduled nine episodes, the trailer has an interesting vibe to it.

If that translates over to the series, then this may be a show that paranormal enthusiasts won't want to miss.

Lowe shared that they had some incredible findings on some episodes while others they had plenty of adventure. He describes it as a case of their journey being just as entertaining and fun as their final destination and what they may or may not find when they arrive.

"The Lowe Files" premieres on Wednesday, August 2 at 10 p.m. ET on the A&E Channel. Will you be checking out this new series? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below.