Former Brat Packer Rob Lowe claims he and his two sons spotted Bigfoot recently while filming their new series "The Lowe Files. The new Lowe family series follows the adventures of Rob, 53, and with his two sons, Matthew, 24, and John, 22, as they explore the Ozark Mountains in search of the "wood ape," which is also known as Bigfoot.

Rob Lowe's new A&E TV series takes viewers on scary adventures

Hollywood News Daily reports that Rob Lowe believes that he and his sons found what they were searching for Bigfoot. The "St. Elmo's Fire" star reveals that he saw Bigfoot while he and his sons were camping during the filming.

Nonbelievers will get a chance to see the Lowe family's terrifying encounter on the season finale of Rob's new series "The Lowe Files."

Rob Lowe felt frightened for his life during the filming of family TV series.

Rob describes his scary encounter with what Ozark Mountain locals call the wood ape. Rob admits that he sounds like a crazy man. However, he believes that fateful night that his life and his son's lives were in danger.

"I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed,” he said. “Nothing is staged, nothing is trick-cut — no B.S. I believe there are probably ghosts out there,” he added. Throughout the series, each week viewers can tune in to watch Rob, and his sons seeking out new mysterious stories or spooky legends while they immerse themselves in the exploration and debate of the experience.

The Lowe men's adventures will include a visit to “alien base” located 2,000 feet underwater off the coast of Malibu, CA. They will also be working with a shaman at Preston Castle, and training with a secret government operative in methods of Remote Viewing.

Rob Lowe began his career in the 1980s quickly becoming one of the decade's biggest teen heartthrobs with roles in 80s hits such as "The Outsiders, St.

Elmo's Fire" and "About Last Night." In the late 80's Lowe made celebrity news headlines when he became involved in a shocking sex scandal after filming himself and a 16-year-old girl he had met having sex.

At the time both Rob and the girl were of Legal Age for sexual consent, the legal age in Georgia at the time was 14-years-old.

However, the legal age for recording such acts was 18. Parts of the sex tape was eventually leaked and sold making it one of the first commercially available celebrity sex tapes.

Lowes' celebrity sex tape was followed by leaked footage of other homemade sex tapes headlining celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Pam Anderson and Bret Michaels, Colin Farrell, Gene Simmons, Vince Neil, Kid Rock and Verne Troyer to name a shortlist.

Despite Lowe's career taking a hit during the scandal, Rob Lowe continued his acting career in television hits including, "The West Wing," "Brothers & Sisters," and "Parks and Recreations."

"The Lowe Files" begins airing on Wednesday, August 2 on A&E, at 10 p.m., but remember the Bigfoot sighting is the season finale episode. Until then viewers can tune in and enjoy the Lowe's weekly adventures.