The premiere season of "Riverdale" was a big success, prompting the network and the showrunners to carry on with Season 2. The finale of "Riverdale" was full of cliffhangers and unsolved mysteries, one of which includes the identity of Betty Cooper's brother. After the big reveal about the existence of Betty's brother, fans have been making their own theories about his identity. According to Bustle, one fan theory seems to be treated as the cream of the crop as it has been getting a lot of buzz in Reddit. A Reddit user who goes by the name RandomFranticAction suggested that Betty's brother has been right under the viewers' noses, specifically, Joaquin Santos.

Joaquin Santos is the boyfriend of Kevin, who is a Serpent. The theory actually makes a lot of sense, and it also posits that Betty and Joaquin have the same mother but reared by different fathers. The Reddit post was concise, and made the fans' jaws drop after reading it.

Is Joaquin the son of FP and Alice?

According to the Reddit theory, Joaquin was the baby that Hal wanted Alice to abort. Hal has gained the ire of the fans for wanting Alice to abort a baby, but the Reddit theory puts Hal in a different light with the possibility that maybe he wants Alice to get rid of the baby because he knew that it wasn't his.

If Hal is not the father of Alice's baby, who could the father be? "Riverdale" season 2 theories reveal that FP Jones might be the father of Joaquin.

If that's the case, Betty and Jughead might end up to be half-siblings, right?

Things are about to get complicated

"Riverdale" season 2 is about to get really complicated, and with the highly plausible theory that Joaquin could be Betty and Jughead's half-sibling, fans can expect the characters to be more tangled in the web. Another thing to consider is that Betty and Jughead's love story might end on a not so happy note, considering that they might actually be considered as a family rather than lovers.

It's definitely a point that the showrunners and writers must take seriously, because as of writing, Betty and Jughead's love story is one of the highlights of the series. Their cute moments as a couple have been well-received by the fans, bringing an air of love and happiness in the series.

While the "Riverdale" season 2 theory saying that Joaquin is Betty's brother might be very intriguing, it's best to take it with a grain of salt and wait for the next season.

Who knows, Betty's brother might actually be a new character and Joaquin's character may just be used to complicate things and amp up the mystery.

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