Dan Harmon recently talked about expectations for “Rick and Mortyseason 3 when the show returns on July 30. The creator revealed that the installment has fewer episodes and that it explores Beth's story after the divorce.

Season 3 explores Beth’s story

Fans will learn more about Beth when the series returns. The installment will explore the character’s story, especially following her divorce from Jerry. The Season 3 premiere did not end on good terms for the couple.

Following the fall of the Galactic Federation’s rule on Earth, Jerry had given her an ultimatum; choose him or her father Rick.

Of course, Beth opted for the latter and worse, asked for a divorce.

Moving forward, the installment will shed the spotlight on Beth and her life after the divorce. “We definitely start turning the development heat up on Beth. It just allows us to put the spotlight on Beth a little bit and start asking a few more questions about her, who she is in a vacuum,” Harmon told Time.

What happens to Jerry in “Rick and Morty” Season 3

Jerry is not going anywhere, assured Harmon. He is still part of the series. The character is not being disposed and remains a "huge part of season three."

What to expect after Beth and Jerry’s divorce

Harmon said the divorce story gives the series the opportunity to tackle parental concerns, especially custody.

With Beth and Jerry separated, in comes the question of who will take care of Morty and Summer. Who will have sole custody of their children?

The creator said this storyline enhances the Beth and Jerry characters. It allows for the exploration of the characters as individuals and it no longer defines them by each other.

What else to expect in “Rick and Morty” Season 3

The installment will have shorter episodes. Harmon did not say exactly how many. It is less than the 14 episodes that he and co-creator Justin Roiland initially planned for Season 3.

There will be celebrity cameos. Hollywood stars have agreed to lend their voice for the season.

They include Gillian Jacobs, Susan Sarandon, Christian Slater and Joel McHale. Details about their characters are kept under wraps.

There will be a Mad Max-themed episode to pay homage to George Miller. The trailer gave a sneak peek at a chase happening in the desert, with Rick on the lead.

Season 3 will only get darker. New kinds of dark things will happen. However, Harmon cannot say for sure if they top the level of darkness in previous seasons.