In the world of Celebrities from time to time some 'scandals' may happen. When a famous Actor or actress has her intimacy exposed a big buzz usually starts up in social networks. And that's exactly what happened recently with a renowned actor in the miniseries "The days were like this".

The actor, who is currently married, was taken aback when he discovered that an intimate video he made years ago ended up on the internet and brought huge repercussions. An intimate video has been circulating on the internet and it was supposed to be by global actor Jose Loreto.

Currently, the actor acts in the miniseries "The days were like this," screened by Rede Globo.

However, the descriptive period in the video file suggests that it was made at the time that the actor was active in "Malhação," another program by the broadcaster.

José Loreto confessed that the video is really his

It was through the social network 'Instagram' that the actor eventually acknowledged that the video that has been circulating on the internet is really his. However, the actor was emphatic in saying that the images released are an old recording and reminded everyone that he is currently married.

Jose Loreto wasted no time in reminding people that divulging photos or videos without the person's authorization is a crime, especially when it comes to images that show someone's intimacy.

In the message published by the actor, he even said that he was caught off guard to find that his intimacy was being exposed in a video without his permission for disclosure and that the video that was recorded about ten years ago,

The person who released the video will not get away with it

José Loreto revealed on his social network that he will no longer comment on the video and will leave everything to the account of justice.

From the words of the actor, it was clear that the promise of justice would be fulfilled.

He also warned that lawyers will take up the case and finalized by asking for everyone's understanding in regards to respect and privacy.

The Wedding of José Loreto

Last year, José Loreto married the actress of Débora Nascimento. They met four years before their marriage when they worked together on the novel 'Avenida Brasil.' So far, Débora Nascimento has not spoken on the subject.

Guest Reviews

It is clear that the posting of this video is something that saddened the actor. However, he received a lot of praise from fans who did not mind seeing him in 'the buff.'

According to IMDB, José Loreto is an actor, known for "Brazil Avenue" (2012), "Mais Forte Que o Mundo" (2016), "Men Are from Mars" and "That's Where I'm Going!" (2014).

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