"The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 12 only started three weeks ago, but the reunion episode will be the most explosive part of the show. Of course, it won't air until later this year and viewers have a long wait until then. In the meantime, nonstop drama will keep them entertained while building up to the reunion segment.

'RHOC' reunion makes for a 'hard day of work'

Radar Online had a chance to ask Lydia McLaughlin about the reunion and what her take on it is. Lydia is back for season 12 after appearing on one season of "The Real Housewives of orange county" in season 8.

Being dragged through one reunion showed her how difficult that part of filming the reality show is and knows season 12 will be the very same thing. "I hate the reunion! It is a hard day of work and it is scary and terrifying," Lydia said.

Lydia explains that after having cameras and microphones follow the ladies around for four months, various situations are thrown at them and how they react often ends of hurting or upsetting someone. McLaughlin adds that sometimes the cast members haven't slept or they're tired when these tense situations arise. In many cases, they learn that someone is saying things they don't like and at that point, they've already been "riled up." Contending with "very strong and opinionated women" exacerbates the drama even further.

When all of that is put into a bottle and opened up at the reunion, it's almost unbearable.

All of the cast gather during the reunion after watching countless scenes that have in some way made them bitter towards another person. The women have to be accountable for their actions and are forced to fiercely defend themselves.

Lydia says the stress is insane and she doesn't like tearing into other people that much. “It’s just a lot of stress and I like rainbows and butterflies and confetti, so I don’t love tearing people to shreds!”

Reunion drudges up unforgettable moments

Like some of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Lydia wishes there some moments that "didn't happen." She's nervous sometimes to watch the show because she'll be reminded of something he wishes she could take back.

As Lydia puts it, it's far easier to deal with it in your personal life because you can resolve it and move on, but on the Housewives, it "kind of lives on forever and you have to relive it."

Lydia admits she's nervous to watch the show and see her cringe-worthy moments! How many of those moments will she be faced with this season? Although the veteran cast members have gone through reunion terror multiple times, it doesn't seem to change their ways the next season. Some just thrive on that drama! "The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 12 airs Monday nights on Bravo at 9 p.m., ET / 6 p.m., PT.