On the second episode of "RHOC," Lydia Mclaughlin hit a nerve with shannon beador when she remarked that she's "just like Vicki." Lydia and Shannon had just met when a premature feud ignited between them. Shannon's outburst caused Lydia to recoil in shock. Shannon is struggling with her weight and is desperate to make her marriage with David better. Unfortunately for Lydia, bringing up Vicki and telling Shannon what she'd heard about the bad blood between them wasn't the best way to start a friendship with her.

Shannon fires back at Lydia

As fans noticed in the "RHOC" episode, Shannon fired back at Lydia for saying she was "just like Vicki" for holding a grudge.

Shannon pointed her finger at Lydia and made it known she was unhappy with her for suggesting she's anything like her enemy. Shannon denies yelling at Lydia, as told in her Bravo blog.

"I did not yell at Lydia. I spoke firmly, directly and passionately. I do regret that I pointed my finger, but I was definitely not screaming as Lydia alleged," Shannon wrote.

Shannon explained that she was irritated with Lydia because she wouldn't stop talking about the situation with Vicki. After watching the "RHOC" episode, Shannon was even more offended by Lydia's other remarks in her interviews.

"In her interview, Lydia said I took 'crazy pills' and was an 'evil witch,' all within ten minutes of meeting me???

Wow," Shannon continued. "Those are pretty cruel things to say."

Shannon Beador added that she didn't say anything derogatory about Lydia McLaughlin. Moreover, Lydia telling her that her mom thinks she's a "lost soul" didn't bode for a great bonding session. Shannon is fumed that Lydia judged her so quickly after being introduced for the first time.

Lydia defends her comment

Conversely, Lydia doesn't see her comment about Shannon being just like Vicki as a slam. She writes in her blog that she "didn't say that."

"She is seeing my words as hurtful but that wasn't what I was even trying to say! I was trying to explain that they are alike because they both are hurt," Lydia wrote.

Lydia had heard from Vick how Shannon's daughters called her their aunt and there was at one time a bond between the two women. Lydia explains that she was offended at how Shannon spoke to her, stating that it's okay if disagrees with her, but the way she unleashed on her was unacceptable.

"Shannon can disagree with that, but there is a way to communicate with people, and the way Shannon was talking to me was combative and erratic," Lydia wrote.

Lydia McLaughlin asserts that while Shannon Beador is "expressive," she was turned off by the fact she didn't let her explain herself. The returning housewife claims that she had more to add to her comment about Shannon being like Vicki, but she didn't allow her to say anything else.

Since both Vicki and Shannon have been "hurt," Lydia views them as being "alike." She insists that she was trying to help the "whole situation but felt like I was misunderstood and was never given the opportunity to explain myself."

When Shannon stormed off, Lydia reveals that she was really upset the rest of the day. Both women were clearly incensed at that point.

Next week more sparks fly between Lydia and Shannon. Be sure to tune into episode 3 of "RHOC" on Monday, July 24 airing on Bravo at 9 p.m., ET/ 6 p.m., PT.