If you've ever thought that celebrities have a perfect life, then you'll want to think about it again. That definitely isn't the case for one of the "Pretty Little Liars" stars. Actress Troian Bellisario recently opened up to Lenny Letter about her mental health problems, including an Eating Disorder that almost killed her. The honest and open letter was an attempt to bring awareness to disorders that are still overlooked or ignored.

Her brain told her 300 calories a day was too much

Bellisario is known for her thin frame, but it's not always been a good thing.

That frame comes from years of suffering from an eating disorder. More specifically, it comes from years of living with anorexia due to what she says is a defect in her brain. Her brain tells her ludicrous things that most people wouldn't even think was true. One of those was that 300 calories a day were enough to live on, which eventually changed to 300 calories a day was way too much for her.

The actress has been in recovery for 10 years now. She explains that the disease almost killed her and she needed help and support to recover from it. It will explain why her storyline with the mental performance drugs in "Pretty Little Liars" looked so realistic. Recovery from drug abuse is similar to recovery from eating disorders and other mental health problems.

Bellisario's mental health continues to cause a problem

It's still not over for the "PLL" star. The actress explained that just recently she realised that her brain told her something that wasn't safe. She pushed herself to do three laps in a freezing lake, despite most others knowing that it could have killed her. The actress explained that her body was telling her one thing, but her illness was telling her something else.

It was difficult to know which ones to listen to, and unfortunately for her health, she listened to the wrong voice.

Bellisario's fight against her eating disorder and mental health issues helped to create the storyline for "Feed," her recent movie with "Harry Potter's" Tom Felton. In the movie, she plays the twin sister of Felton's character, who survives a car crash that kills her brother.

Felton regularly appears as Bellisario's mental health nose dives at the loss of her brother. The actress wrote the script for the movie, taking her first step behind the camera and getting the chance to tell part of her own story. The movie was released in the USA on July 18, 2017.