The 75-year-old Beatle, Paul Mccartney is a similar vintage to the U.S. President and felt compelled to include a song about Donald Trump on his upcoming album.

First solo album for McCartney in four years

McCartney is well known for many legendary songs over the years, either as a member of the Beatles or later during his solo career. He is currently in the throes of launching his first solo album in four years some time this fall.

The Liverpool Echo reports that McCartney recently spoke to students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts which he reportedly co-founded in 1996.

He told the students he has written a song about the controversial 45th president of the U.S.A. The report states that McCartney didn’t mention whether the song would be in favor, or against, Trump, but he did say he felt moved to write the song, saying sometimes things in the world are so crazy, you just have to address them.

In a Q&A at the event, one of the students also asked McCartney if he believed the large number of music platforms made things harder for new artists to get anywhere and be exposed to a mass audience. He replied to say he is not sure if it is any more difficult, as a performer still has to have a good song, and it sounds like he might just have one.

Former Beatle has joked about the U.S. presidential election before

While he didn’t mention the pros or cons of the song as it relates to Trump, People spoke to McCartney back in March, when he did make a dig at the current U.S. political climate. He was reportedly talking to them about the song “Figure of Eight” from the 1989 album “Flowers in the Dirt” at the time.

McCartney said he liked the philosophy behind the song’s lyrics – saying he likes the idea of not being caught up in a figure of eight. He went on to say it is better to love than to hate, which he said now sounds to him a little like the U.S. elections. McCartney then laughed, and reportedly said “No comment.”

McCartney working with Adele's producer on the new album

As for the new.

apparently not yet named, album, McCartney had announced earlier in the year that he is working with Adele’s super-producer, Greg Kurstin, who has also worked with Kelly Clarkson and Sia. While the exact date of the album’s release has not yet been announced, the album is highly anticipated by fans, possibly even more so after hearing one of the songs is about probably the most controversial U.S. president yet, Donald Trump.