Two Italian brothers, 27-year-old Vittorio Laforè and his 31-year-old brother, and Ivan Laforè are now behind bars and suspected of robbing approximately 20 ATM cash machines in and around Turin in Italy. Their trademark was to wear masks of U.S. President Donald Trump while committing the crimes, as well as explosives to get access to the cash.

Captured in Donald Trump masks on CCTV

The pair was captured on surveillance video entering the ATM lobby of a bank and covering the CCTV cameras (they obviously missed one) before one brother places some kind of explosive device into an ATM machine.

He then lights the fuse on the explosive device and ducks for cover as the cash dispenser explodes.

Turin police had previously spotted the pair driving what they described as a powerful white Mercedes car, but according to their statement, the brothers painted the car black after the latest heist. According to a report by the Italian language news service La Stampa, the pair had managed to make off with some €100,000 ($118,000) from the various ATM cash machines they robbed before their robbery spree was brought to a close.

Inspired by the best Hollywood bank robbers

The Local reported that the ATM heists resembled footage from the 1991 movie “Point Break,” where a gang of surfers wore masks of former U.S.

presidents to rob banks. However, according to Italian police, the two robbers were more likely inspired by Bruce Willis’ character in the 1997 movie “The Jackal” who changes the color of his car in the midst of a police chase. Maybe it was a mixture of both movies that finally inspired the brothers in their actions.

The ATM thieves’ technique never varied

La Stampa went on to say the police had been tracking the pair for several months, without being able to capture them, until now. The modus operandi of the brothers was always the same.

However, police did note the brothers tended to avoid any ATMs that had a kind of explosion-proof device fitted, as obviously, their method wouldn’t work on those. After arresting the pair, police also discovered several luxury vehicles in the garages on their property, all of which had been stolen in late June.

Father of the two brothers serving life

It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so to speak, as the father of the brothers, Petro Dellagaren, is currently serving life imprisonment for the murder of an Assisi business man, Umberto Masera, back in April 25, 2001 during a robbery at the man’s home.