"Outlander" season 3 is one of Starz' highly-anticipated series for 2017, and the network recently released the first trailer for the upcoming season. Showing bits and pieces of what's in store for Jamie and Claire, the trailer serves its purpose in terms of giving fans something to tide them over.

The first teaser for "Outlander" Season 3 was released a couple of months ago, and not much has been revealed about Jamie and Claire's fate. The recently released trailer was a whole different story, as it unveiled major spoilers in terms of what life will be like for Frank and Claire.

Apparently, Frank is on the losing end, because while he is left thinking that everything will be alright between him and Claire, the latter is actually still very much in love with Jamie.

The latest trailer also gave some clues that there will be more scenes with 20th century Claire as she tries to adjust to her new reality. However, that reality will crumble when she realizes that Jamie wasn't killed after all.

Will the series follow the book?

While the fate of Claire and Frank's love story still left hanging and unresolved in the series, fans who have finished the books that were adapted by the series already have an idea about how their love story is going to end. The readers already know that if the series is to follow the story in the novel, it will be a sad ending for Frank because 20th century Claire is still hugely hung up on her 18th-century love.

Fans are also very excited to see the reunion of Claire and Jamie in a special-printshop, but it may not happen until the mid-run of "Outlander" season 3. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have proven that their on-screen chemistry is a force to be reckoned with, as they have been linked romantically since they paired up as Jamie and Claire.

Aside from Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, another on-screen couple that has also caught the attention of the viewers is Bri and Roger. Although they were not given a lot of screen time in past seasons, their inclusion in the newly-released trailer hints that their love story might be given more air time during the upcoming season.

Perfect timing for San Diego Comic-Con

According to Entertainment Weekly, the release of the series Season 3 first trailer is perfectly timed for the upcoming appearance of the cast in San Diego's Comic-Con scheduled on Friday, July 21. "Outlander" season 3 will air on September 21 on Starz.