Last night on a new episode of "Kate Plus 8," she took all of the kids on a skiing vacation. One kid was noticeably missing, though. Kate didn't have her son Collin with her, and the fans are not happy about it. Hollywood Life shared about how the fans slammed Kate for not taking him along. Even though Collin is getting home a lot of fans felt like she could have brought him along on vacation and at least spent some time with him.

On this trip, they went skiing, and some of the kids tried to snowboard. They even did some tubing, and Kate joined in on this one.

They also went to the spa to have a good time because there was some rain. Collin would have had a blast on this trip with his siblings, but he was nowhere to be seen. They didn't mention him at all either. He has been brought up on a few episodes, but for the most part they don't talk about Collin.

Where was Collin Gosselin at?

Collin Gosselin was sent away by Kate a while back to a home where Kate said it is "helping him learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be." Kate seems okay with her decision. She said that they miss him a lot, but that he is where he needs to be. Kate even mentioned that she has a hole in her heart without him there. Fans would love to hear Kate share more.

She shared that Collin Gosselin said that he has special needs. She shared that he has been struggling for a long time and that they are getting him the help that he needs. According to Kate, their entire family has been impacted by this. It doesn't look like Collin is coming home anytime soon. The fans would love to hear an update on how he is doing and how soon he will be home, but for now, Kate isn't sharing any of this information with fans.

What do the fans have to say?

The fans went to Twitter last night during the new episode of "Kate Plus 8" and shared how upset they were about Collin not being there. Some fans wonder if Kate ever brings him home at all. The fans have noticed that ever since Collin was sent to this home, he hasn't been brought back home at all.

He doesn't even appear on episodes that are about their birthday, which would be the one time you would think she would make sure to bring him home.

Are you shocked to hear that Kate Gosselin didn't take Collin on their vacation? Do you feel like she was wrong not to take him along? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Kate Plus 8" on Monday nights on TLC. Maybe she will give an update on Collin at some point.