The new photo, obtained exclusively by Entertainment Weekly, of Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) from Outlanderseason 3 is now emerging online. From the looks of it, the Scottish soldier is taking the toll of everything he is going through, from losing the Battle of Culloden to being separated to Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe).

In the snap, he looks scruffy with longer hair and heavily bearded face. He, too, seems tired while carrying his surrogate son Fergus (César Domboy) in what looks-like-to-be a forest.

Jamie finding his life’s balance

In an interview with EW, Sam Heughan teased what fans are about to see and expect from Jamie Fraser in “Outlander” Season 3.

“He’s not himself for maybe six episodes,” he revealed to the publication. If truth be told, the landowner didn’t expect that he would live and survived the Battle of Culloden. In fact, he intentionally went to the war to die. In the new season, he will be on a journey to find balance in keeping himself alive while Claire is not by his side.

An Easter egg reward

Fortunately, it won’t be too long until Jamie will be finally reunited with Claire in “Outlander” Season 3. The couple will be once again together at a print shop in Edinburgh after 20 years of being apart.

Based on Diana Gabaldon’s third novel “Voyager,” the print shop scene is very important for fans to see. So, the show’s production designer Jon Gary Steele includes an Easter egg as a viewers’ little reward.

“We want them to go, ‘Oh my God,’” he told EW. As he wants their fans to love the infamous sequence, he revealed that he added something that could be hopefully seen on the camera.

However, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the executive producer Maril Davis revealed that the reunion wouldn't come easy. "I would hate to see them together immediately," she said.

Being separated for 20 years may feel forever for Jamie and Claire. Thus they might think that they will never see each other again. So, when the time comes that they will be reunited again, it will be a surprising, happy moment.

A new trailer

Meanwhile, Starz recently dropped a new trailer for “Outlander” Season 3.

It gave a glimpse of Claire’s life while being away from Jamie and the new journey she is taking with her first husband, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies).

The teaser video just showed how fans would be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Claire can be seen in pain and pretending she’s fine having Frank by her side while desperately longing to be with Jamie again.

“Outlander” Season 3 will return on Sept. 10 on Starz.