Rob Kardashian took revenge on Blac Chyna after she cheated on him with other men. The reality star decided to post photos of his ex-girlfriend naked on his Instagram account, which was then closed due to the policy of that social network. Then, Kardashian took his revenge to Twitter, where he continued giving details of his relationship with the dancer. He also posted a video of Chyna, where she is seen having sex with another man. The reality star says that Chyna was living a luxurious life because he paid all the bills. According to Kardashian, she had sex with other men in the same house that they lived in, and in the presence of their baby girl Dream and her son, King Cairo Stevenson.

Plastic surgery

After giving birth to baby Dream, Chyna quickly recovered her sexy body. She told her followers that she looked perfect thanks to breastfeeding, diet, and exercise. According to Kardashian, that was all a lie. She looked perfect because she underwent plastic surgery which was allegedly paid for by Kardashian. As if this were not enough, the Arthur George Socks designer says that several of the men who were with his ex-girlfriend contacted him to extort him. They asked for money in return for not showing Chyna's intimate videos.


Kardashian assures everyone that Chyna is promiscuous and that she was with eight men in a month. During that period, she was also with him and he says that he never used condoms with her. For that reason, he is doing medical tests to find out if Chyna has given him with a sexually transmitted disease.

The reality star says ex-girlfriend is an alcoholic and drug addict. In fact, she nursed their baby daughter for only four months because she wanted to use drugs and drink alcohol again. Kardashian hopes she does not educate their daughter because she is not a woman fit for motherhood.

Many do not understand why the reality star was engaged to a woman as promiscuous as he defined her.

He argues that he always knew about Chyna's addiction problems, but he accepted her as she was. He would have liked to form a family with her, but her lifestyle prevented him from going further. Many people told Kardashian that she was not a good woman for him, but he always preferred to defend her from harsh criticism. He now regrets having had a serious relationship with her because he thought she would someday change.

Unfortunately, that is not what happened and now, they are locked in a bitter feud.

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