Dollar Bill Spencer has done some despicable things in his time, but his latest stunt takes the cake. He is so desperate to get Sally Spectra out of the picture that he comes up with an elaborate lie. Bill tells Thomas that Caroline is dying. He hopes this will cause Thomas to bond with his baby mama, but it could backfire. Spoiler alerts do not indicate whether or not Caroline is in on her uncle's scam or not.

Bill Spencer strikes again

Bill Spencer is a man who gets what he wants. Right now he wants to build a skyscraper on the lot that houses Spectra Fashions.

Bill cannot obtain the property as long as Sally Spectra is making money from her business. Bill has teamed up with his daughter-in-law Steffy, and his niece Caroline to get rid of Sally by any means necessary. This way he can have his building, Steffy can get Thomas to come back to work at Forrester, and Caroline will be able to reunite with the father of her son.

Caroline and Steffy probably have no idea how far Bill is willing to go, and none of them want to accept that Thomas is in love with Sally. He has made it very clear that he is committed to helping Ms. Spectra reboot the company that her aunt built. Thomas is getting opposition from every direction. Steffy called Caroline to leave New York, return to LA, and make a play for Thomas.

Bill promised to help, but lying that his niece is dying is going a bit too far. Mr. Spencer obviously believes that by the time Caroline has a miracle recovery she and Thomas will be back together. It seems that the sharp-witted Sally or her grandmother Shirley should be able to figure this con out before it goes too far. One never knows which direction the writers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" are headed in.

Who will be in Sally's corner?

The writers could let this play out for months but in the best interest of the fans, this storyline should quickly be put out of its misery. Viewers desire something new and detest the same plots that have been done for decades. Fans love Thomas and Sally together so the powers that be should take note.

Dollar Bill Spencer should quickly be exposed and his niece Caroline sent packing back to the Big Apple. Perhaps under these circumstances, Thomas could marry Sally and obtain full custody of his son.

Sally's back is against the wall and she has no one in her corner. Bill, Steffy, and Caroline have money and power in their corner. Ms. Spectra has only the assurance from Thomas that he loves her. Saul is not a fan as he pines for Sally himself. Darlita is scatter-brained and Shirley has probably been out of the loop for so long that she can offer no valuable advice. Sally Spectra will have to use her wits, without coming across to Thomas as being jealous. Let's hope "The Bold and the Beautiful" rectifies this storyline very soon.