If there's a club for funny celebrity dads who are active in social media, Ryan Reynolds would have a big chance of running it. Ever since he and Blake Lively got married and had kids, Ryan Reynolds has been posting a lot of funny and seriously relatable tweets about fatherhood and parenting as a whole. He seems to have found an avenue for his witty and relatable posts on Twitter and his fans love him for it. As expected, his followers on Twitter have significantly increased since he began posting about his personal experiences on marriage and parenting.

At the moment, Reynolds has 6.51 million followers on his verified Twitter account.

Apparently, posting witty and relatable tweets for more than 6 million followers to see can be quite daunting, which has led Ryan Reynolds to admit that he sometimes consults Blake Lively for advice. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 40-year old actor got candid during an interview to promote his upcoming movie, "The Hitman's Bodyguard," which is set to be released this August 18, 2017. During the press junket, Reynolds revealed that there were instances when he runs through his hilarious parenting tweets with Lively before posting it on Twitter.

Careful when posting about their daughters and parenting advice

Ryan Reynolds revealed that when the topic is about their daughters or about a crazy parenting advice, he takes some time to ask Lively her opinion. Other than those topics, he just fires away on Twitter without asking his wife's thoughts on the subject.

The "Deadpool" actor also revealed that most of his funny tweets are born while on the plane, usually on long haul flights.

The candidness of Reynolds' tweet about parenting seems to have hit a note among his followers because it seems to take the haggardness of parenting away and coats it in a lighter, humorous note. Also, it puts Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in a new light, making the fans see them as normal, non-celebrity parents.

Juggling parenting and their careers

While Reynolds is busy with his upcoming movie, "The Hitman's Bodyguard," Blake Lively also has her hands full with new projects that require her to unleash her bad-ass character. According to Reynolds, Lively is busy training for high-octane roles and he is confident that she will give justice to the character that she is tasked to portray. Although it seems that Reynolds and Lively are busy with their careers, Reynolds said that as parents of two little girls, they see to it that they still have enough time to spend quality time as a family.