Hey, “Zoo” fans. At some point, Jamie will run into some heavy problems with the law in the upcoming Episode 5 of season 3! Plans to hunt down a secretive group are set in motion. Jamie pulls off a manipulation of Mitch and Logan. These brief spoilers are from CBS via the folks at Spoiler TV.

Drop it like it’s hot

They decided to borrow their title for this episode from a very popular hip hop song by naming it, “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Their official plot synopsis began with the Jamie storyline. Apparently, she’s going to do something that lands her in hot water with the law!

She will get put under arrest and hauled off by the cops!

What does she get arrested for? They didn’t mention that info in this description. So, it’s definitely going to be very interesting to find out the reason behind this pretty wild arrest scene. We’re most certainly going to get some very dramatic scenes as a result.

Hunt down certain members

Next, they reveal that while Jamie is incarcerated, she will still manage to pull off a manipulation of Mitch and Logan. As a result, they will help her hunt down certain members of an organization called, “Shepherds.” The “Shepherds” are described as being a very secretive group that’s responsible for sterilizing humans.

Will Mitch and Logan be able to successfully hunt the “Shepherds” down?

Or will they come up short? It certainly sounds like this situation will get pretty intriguing and possibly action-filled. This storyline might also span across a few episodes. Episode 5 was written by the writing team of Melissa Glenn and Nicole Phillips. Norman Buckley was hired to direct it.

Pretty calm look

That’s all the written intel that CBS provided for this installment.

However, Spoiler TV posted quite a few promotional photos for it. A few sets of snap shots feature a look at Jamie getting hauled away by the cops. She has a pretty calm look on her face for such a dramatic situation.

Jackson and Clementine are shown in a couple of the pictures. Their scenes look quite interesting and intense as they’re holding guns at one point.

Then, they appear to be running for their lives in a different moment! So, expect their situation to get very drama-filled.

Mitch interacts with Josh

Dariela and Abraham will be in this one too. They’re shown in a couple of the photos having a conversation and looking at information on one of the computers. There’s a few facial pics of Mitch. Also, there is a moment where he interacts with Josh. So, that looks like it could be pretty interesting. Episode 5 is officially set to air next Thursday night, July 27, 2017, at 9 pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.