Hey, “The Strain” fans. Gus and Creem will get involved in a huge gang battle at some point! Eph and Alex will try to track down some very dark secrets. Dutch is forced to have to make a deal with Desai in this upcoming Episode 4 of Season 4. These spoilers are from FX by way of The Futon Critic.

New Horizons

This episode of course was given a name. They titled it, “New Horizons.” Their official plot summary began with the Dutch storyline. Apparently, she’s going to find herself in a very compromising situation that will force her to have to make a deal with Desai.

In the meantime, she will try to formulate a plan that will allow her to escape a breeding facility.

What exactly will this Desai deal entail? That’s the major question for this particular plotline. It certainly sounds like it will give us some very interesting scenes to look forward to. We’ll definitely have to wait until this episode airs to find out what the Desai deal entails because they didn’t reveal any other information about it here.

The Partnership’s new plan

Next, they revealed that Eph and Alex will be very busy. They are going to attempt to locate the dark secrets that are behind the Partnership’s new plan. Unfortunately, they will end running into some major problems because repercussions from their last attack will creep up on them.

What will these repercussions entail? Will Alex and Eph survive them? Those are the burning questions for this plotline. Hopefully, they’ll get answered in this installment. It’s possible that we might see a glimpse of this scene in the new preview clip that should get released later on tonight. We’ll see.

Huge war with a gang

In the third and last scoop for this episode, we’re going to see Gus and Creem get involved in very intense situation. They will engage in a huge war with a gang. The reason for this is because this gang has encroached on their turf. Which side will win this crazy battle? That’s the obvious question for this situation.

It definitely sounds like it will feature some very action-filled and violent scenes for us to look forward to. Also, it’s revealed that this episode was written by Mickey Fisher. They hired Kevin Dowling to direct it.

Alright, that’s all the intel that we currently have for episode 4 because that’s all FX was willing to give up. Again, we do expect to see a new preview clip to get released for it later on tonight after episode 3 finishes up. The preview clips usually feature information that the written descriptions fail to mention. So, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for it. Episode 4 is due to arrive next Sunday, August 6 at 9 pm CT on FX. Stay tuned.