Hey, “Ballers” fans. Spencer’s Vegas expansion will face new problems. Charles will feel slighted by Larry over a deal that was made. Kisan and Jason get into a heated argument and more in this new Episode 3 of the current season 3. HBO delivered these spoilers in a press release via the TV Guide people.

In the teeth

They gave this episode a pretty interesting-sounding title. It’s named, “In The Teeth.” Their description started off with the Spencer situation. It turns out that his Las Vegas expansion initiative in Los Angeles and Oakland will get halted.

They say that he will encounter resistance in regards to it. Who is responsible for this resistance? Will Spencer be able to get past it? Those are the main questions for this scenario. It does sound like it will give us some very intriguing scenes.

Next, they revealed that Charles is going to have a big problem with Larry. Apparently, Charles will feel that Larry screwed him over by not giving him credit for landing a coveted lineman deal. Will these two be able to resolve this issue? Or will the problem just continue to escalate? Those are the questions we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode. However, it’s highly possible that the beef between these two could stretch over multiple episodes.

We’ll have to wait and see.

Take a detour

Elsewhere, they revealed that there’s going to be a moment where Joe decides to take a detour with Reggie. What is this detour? That’s the big question for this one. It certainly sounds like it could give us a pretty interesting situation.

In the 4th teaser for this installment, they revealed that Kisan and Jason will have a very intense moment.

They say that Jason is going to rebuke Kisan for his lack of transparency. It sounds like this storyline will give us some pretty intense and dramatic scenes. Will these two be able to get past this disagreement? We’ll definitely have to wait and see because no other details were revealed for this situation.

A bit confused

The last scoop reveals that Ricky will be in a scene.

It sounds like he’ll be a bit confused though. They say that he’ll be busy jumping to conclusions about something. They didn’t reveal what this something is. So, that will be our big question for this plotline. It sounds like it will feature some interesting moments.

Alright, that’s going to wrap things up for our episode 3 spoiler session since that’s all of the intel that HBO revealed in their press release. We do expect a new preview clip to get released for it after episode 2 concludes later on tonight. You’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for it because the clips usually reveal extra info that the written material fails to mention. Episode 3 is scheduled to air next Sunday night, August 6,2017 at 9pm central time on HBO. Stay tuned.