Hey, “Power” fans. At some point, the prosecution team will redirect their focus onto Greg’s real killer. Ghost tries to set up a new business venture. Tasha and Silver’s relationship gets deeper. Dre lands a promotion and more in this new Episode 7 of the current Season 4. STARZ delivered these new spoilers via trakt.tv.

You lied to my face

They gave this episode a very intense-sounding title by naming it, “You Lied To My Face.” Their official synopsis begins by describing the latest Ghost storyline. He will apparently be in the midst of moving forward with a new business venture.

What does this new venture entail? That’s the main question for this storyline. It certainly sounds like it will offer some interesting scenes.

Next, they revealed that the entire St. Patrick family will get thrust into a new role in the public eye as a result of this new business venture that Ghost has going on. So, that definitely adds to the intrigue of this situation with Ghost.

Even deeper

The third scoop revealed that Tasha and Terry Silver will have a scene. Apparently, Tasha is going to seek him out for some help which will cause their relationship to get even deeper. What kind of help will she seek from him? That’s an important question for this situation. It sounds like we’ll definitely get some pretty interesting scenes out of it.

In this fourth teaser, they revealed that Tommy and Dre will appear in this one. Tommy will be busy making his way back to New York. In the meantime, Dre will manage to talk himself into landing a promotion. What will this promotion entail? That’s an interesting question for this plotline. Hopefully, we’ll see it get answered in this episode.

It does sound intriguing though.

Devastating news

The fifth and last teaser scoop involves the prosecution storyline that was mentioned earlier. Apparently, there’s going to be a moment where Mak tells the whole team that they are suspended! This devastating news will prompt them to form new alliances in an effort to track down and bring in the person that really killed Greg.

Will they be able to pull it off? That’s the burning question for this particular plotline. It certainly sounds like it will take multiple episodes before we finally see how it will play out. This is another one that sounds very intriguing.

New visual information

Alright, that’s all the details that we have for episode 7. However, we do expect STARZ to release a new preview clip for it after episode 6 wraps up later on tonight. It should reveal some new visual information. So, you’ll definitely want to make sure you take a look at it.

The new preview clips usually show up on Youtube a few hours each episode airs. If you’re watching it live, you should be able to see it immediately after the episode ends. Episode 7 is currently due to show up next Sunday night, August 6 at 8pm central time on STARZ. Stay tuned.