Hey, “Power” fans. We’re going to see a very shocking turn of events with Angela when she attempts to stop Ghost’s prosecution in this new Episode 5 of the current Season 4! Plans will be in the works to wipe out Ghost. There’s also a very serious warning that will be delivered to Ghost in regards to Tasha and more. These are official spoilers from Starz via the folks at Spoiler TV.

Don’t thank me

They also revealed what the title for this one is. It has been named “Don’t Thank Me.” They started their synopsis off by talking about the Tasha warning situation.

At some point, Silver is going to sit Ghost down to give him a warning that sounds pretty serious. He tells him that Tasha might have to eventually testify during his case. Will she really end up testifying? That’s the major question for this particular part of the storyline.

Actually innocent

Actually, we may not even see a case at all if Angela gets her way! They revealed in their second teaser for this episode that Angela is going to find out whether Ghost is actually innocent of the murder. This new revelation will prompt her to look for a way to get this prosecution terminated!

The obvious big questions are will she be able to successfully stop the case? Or will it be too late? They didn’t give any other details for this plotline.

So, we’re definitely going to have to wait for this episode to air to see how that all plays out. It could certainly take a couple of episodes to finally reveal a conclusion. So, expect for that to be a definite possibility. One thing for sure is that this storyline could give us quite a bit of suspense and drama to look forward to.

Making plans

Lastly, they revealed that Teresi will be in the midst of making plans that will cause Ghost to get eliminated! Will Teresi’s plan be a success? Hopefully, it won’t for Ghost’s sake. This certainly sounds like a storyline that could eventually deliver a ton of drama.

Ghost pleads with Angela

Alright, that’s all of the written stuff that STARZ offered up for this episode.

However, they also released a preview clip last night. We’ve included it below for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet.

The clip starts off with a very interesting scene that features Ghost pleading with Angela to find a way to believe that he didn’t commit the murder. He tells her, “There’s got to be some part of you that knows I didn’t do this.” Next, they show a scene with Tommy in action. He gets told that he can no longer be protected if he walks away.

Joe gets attacked

There’s a scene with Tasha saying that they’ve always done things on the up-and-up. Joe is seen getting attacked by Tommy at one point. So, that looks very intense. Towards the end, the clip shows a series of scenes that feature Kanan, Dre, Angela, and more. Be sure to check it out below. Episode 5 is currently scheduled to air this Sunday night, July 23, 2017 at 8 pm central time on STARZ. Stay tuned.