It has been a long time coming, but good things are promised to those who wait. Spoilers indicate kirsten storms will return to "General Hospital" as Maxie on Tuesday. The reunion between Nathan and his bride is about to take place. Spoilers also indicate that Mr. West will be withholding information from his wife.

Maxie returns to changes in Port Charles

There have been significant changes in "Port Charles" since Maxie Jones was last in town. Traci Quartermaine has moved out of the mansion so she can live abroad. Maxie's best friend Lulu now has temporary custody of her daughter Charlotte, and the Chimera project was taking over for a while.

Her mother in law Liesel Obrecht has been fired from "General Hospital" and Spencer Cassadine is back and wreaking havoc everywhere.

Lulu and Dante had been housing Spencer and Laura along with caring for Charlotte. This could mean that the former best friends no longer have the same bond. Maxie's sister in law has moved on a well. Nina has taken "Crimson " by the helm and Nell is showing herself to be an excellent replacement for Ms. Jones. The most important changes, however, are related to Maxie's husband. Nathan has a secret life that he may not yet be ready to divulge to his wife.

Fans of Nathan and Maxie will be thrilled that these two are reconnecting at long last, but Mr. West's pastime may shorten their happy reunion.

He has been getting chummy with Amy, who Maxie bullied in high school. And she convinced him to be the face of her advice column, "Ask Man Landers." Nathan has been reluctant and even a little embarrassed but agreed to help Amy so she can raise money for her brother who is a wounded warrior.

The reunion may be too much, too little, too late

Nathan has also been consumed with Nina and Valentin. With Maxie out of town, he had more time to spend trying to persuade his sister to walk away from the Cassadine heir. Now Spencer has been kidnapped and Nathan will be involved in finding him along with his partner Donte. It will probably be difficult to drop everything when his wife returns, to simply pick up where they left off.

The reunion could go off without a hitch, but there is a possibility it is just too much, too little, too late. And the couple may have grown apart.

The "General Hospital writers may not be able to bring back the chemistry that once was evident between this couple. Viewers should stay tuned and see how Nathan and Maxie are able to connect now that they are being reunited.