It is almost the middle of the season for Starz Hit Show "Power" and the main character Ghost is still in jail. Many people who watch this show on a regular basis, know that Ghost was arrested at the end of season three by his mistress and girlfriend Federal Agent Angela Valdas.

He was arrested for the murder of Federal Agent Gregg Knox, who was Veldas' boyfriend and colleague in the earlier seasons. Throughout the episodes this season 4, everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the truth to come out. Characters Ghost, Tommy, and Tasha think Kanaan is still dead from the season 2 fire.

Angela really thinks Ghost killed Knox. Tariq is not aware of Slim actually being Kanaan, who is the most dangerous person in the show. There are so many plotlines moving around in this season.

So how is Ghost's time in jail?

A guard played by the late star Charley Murphy always beats on Ghost. Ghost has to keep a low key and innocent demeanor while in jail. Also, he was being blackmailed by a guy in jail with him. Of course, Ghost blackmailed him back when he found out information on him. Every time he talks to his children or wife tears stream down his eyes. You can really see the emotions of a father being away from his family.

Ghost hates that his infidelity led to all of this happening and it is affecting his family in a negative way.

When the media took a picture of this daughter Raina and her face was all over the cover of the newspapers, the character Ghost felt really bad. Ghost is in the middle of trying to remain truthful and be there for his family. Ghosts' lawyers are telling him to make Tommy look like the bad guy to lessen his jail time.

Who is Ghost's loyalty really for?

Ghosts' support team is made up of Tasha, his children, LaKeisha, Tommy, his lawyer, and his drug crew. People telling him to pick sides are not looking at the way he will choose to go. Ghosts' character is not the type to turn on any of the people in his support team. He has known some of these people since childhood days.

The one attribute about this show is that their loyalty is very strong toward one another. It does surprise me that Valdas does not believe Ghost when he says he did not kill Agent Knox.

Oh my gosh! The truth almost came out! Tommy should not have ruined it!

While Ghosts' and Tommy's lawyer was talking to a Federal Agent that was friends with Agent Knox before he died. the Agent was playing a recording to the lawyer of Tommy killing someone. Just as the Agent was about to confess to who else he showed the recording to, Tommy came right in and stabbed him several times. When Tommy realized what he did, he felt entirely stupid.

Angela now do you think Ghost is innocent?

From the beginning of his season, Veldas has been convinced that Ghost killed Agent Knox.

She became a little unsure when a gun was found in a cabinet, out in the open for anyone to reach in and get it. Ghost assured her that he would never leave a gun out in the open for anyone to find. She became convinced until she looked at security footage and realized Ghost never went near the cabinet. She noticed that Agent Michael Sandoval was the only one who viewed the surveillance.

Predictions for the next episode?

The predictions for the next episodes are that Ghost's life continues to be difficult. Tasha and the kids suffer more, Tommy and Lakeisha have more sex, and Kanaan and Tariq bond together.