Hey, “Orphan Black” fans. There will be some interesting things going on in the upcoming new Episode 8 of Season 5. A famous gallerist will be the main focus for all of Felix’s efforts. Sarah will stay pretty much on edge about S. Meanwhile, S will want the sisters to relax for a night and more. These are official spoilers from BBC America by way of TV Guide.

Guillotines Decide

They also gave this installment a pretty interesting-sounding title by naming it, “Guillotines Decide.” Their plot summary description starts out with the Mrs. S storyline.

Felix will be doing his big art opening. In light of this special moment, Mrs. S will order the sisters to go ahead and take the night off from sleuthing so they can celebrate Felix’s big night. Will the girls actually take the night off? If so, is this the right move? Those are a couple of intriguing questions for this situation. It should be interesting to see how this plotline will play out.

A famous gallerist

Next, they revealed that Felix will be very busy doing all he can to make sure everything looks perfect. He will try to really impress a very famous gallerist. They also say that his sestras will try to give him a helping hand in this particular endeavor.

Will they be able to set a good enough first impression on the gallerist?

That’s the big question for this scenario. It certainly sounds like it will give us another intriguing set of scenes. They didn’t reveal any other details about it in this description. So, we’ll definitely have to wait until the episode airs to see what results from all of Felix’s efforts.

Feeling quite on edge

The final teaser for this episode reveals that Sarah will not be in the greatest of moods.

Apparently, she will be feeling quite on edge about S! They say that a really nagging suspicion about S will be bugging her. She will think that S is definitely hiding something. So, it sounds like we’ll certainly see some intriguing drama for Sarah’s part of the storyline.

Will she act on this suspicion? Or will she wait until she can gather some more facts?

Those are the burning questions for this plotline. With just one more episode left for the series after this one, we should get those questions answered pretty soon.

Alright, guys. That’s all the info that BBC America would dish out about this "Orphan Black" episode for now. However, they always release a new preview clip after the airing of each episode. So, we do expect to see a new preview clip for Episode 7 to show up later on tonight. You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for it as it should reveal at least a couple of extra details. Plus, you’ll also get a visual glimpse at these scenes in action. We can confirm that episode 7 is scheduled to air next Saturday night, July 29, 2017, at 8 pm CT on BBC America. Stay tuned.