Creed 2” is happening and it looks like Adonis “Donnie” Creed will be meeting the person responsible for his father’s death – Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). All this was spotted on an Instagram post from Sylvester Stallone, the one behind the training of the younger Creed.

Looking over the notes of Stallone, Drago could easily be singled out. So does this mean the Russian will be donning his boxing trunks once more and take on Donnie? Somehow it makes no sense considering Lundgren is already 59. He may have the power, but seeing an elder person go up against a rising boxer doesn’t seem appealing.

Let us consider the possibilities.

Drago back with company

If it turns out to be another United States vs. Russia film, Drago could have a protégé or maybe a son under his watch. He is likely to be as powerful, using technology by his side to look for a fight.

Should this be the plan, it may be too easy. Most know how “Rocky V” went so there has to be something really tempting to get Donnie into the ring. Revenge is one angle but even that would be too easy to tell. Knowing Stallone, there has to be a twist somewhere.

Drago to back Donnie

For those who have followed the “Rocky” movies, most of Balboa’s foes eventually turned out to be his allies. Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) did it and then there were those old boxers on “Rocky” which was Sly’s last film for the series.

With a rising star, it could make sense. Drago could help train Donnie, though it would carry some apprehension. Obviously, knowing this is the same guy responsible for his dad’ death will make a potential relationship awry though accounting for a good storyline that most would be interested to see.

Where does Rocky come in?

In “Creed,” Rocky was dealing with health problems and dealing with cancer. A possible storyline is passing the torch to Drago to look after Donnie. Seeing how he was one of the toughest foes Rocky ever faced, he could be primed to help out if not continue teaching the young Creed.

There are plenty of crazy scenarios right now, mostly weighing in on whether Drago will be an ally or an adversary.

Of the two, a looming better twist seems to be the former unless Stallone has something diabolic planned. Perhaps there is still one element missing in the mix though it may still be too early to tell.

That missing piece could be a son or even an up and coming boxer under Drago's watch. As of this writing, there is no official release date yet for “Creed 2.”