Hello, "Orphan Black" fans! Did you miss the epic Easter egg in the last episode? Well, an important person in Tatiana Maslany's life has joined the TV series. Read on for more details.

Meet Krystal's almost lover

It seems like Maslany's actor boyfriend Tom Cullen had a low-key but memorable appearance on "Orphan Black" Season 5 Episode 6. He played the role of Len Sipps, the mysterious man whom Krystal saw for a meeting.

In the said episode, the manicurist clone joined forces with Art (Kevin Hanchard) to kick off the unexpectedly "Krystal vs Neolution" mission.

Art wanted to track down DYAD but Krystal has another thing in mind.

She thinks that the "big cosmetics" are the reason why her best friend Brie (Cara Ricketts) began losing her hair after a failed DIY Youtube video. Well, to everyone's surprise, Krystal is partly right since Len is the CEO of a startup cosmetic company which DYAD wanted to buy.

She then dismissed getting Sarah's help and went on her own investigation. It was then revealed that Len's company experiments on beauty products and Bree got one of the failed prototypes.

Krystal immediately used her self-defense knowledge from Season 4 to get her revenge and give Len some medicine of his own.

Tom Cullen joins the show

Speculations about a Tom Cullen look-alike began circulating in the Clone Club after the show released the teaser last week.

They noticed that the guy looked like Tatiana Maslany's real-life boyfriend. The show remained mum on this in order to surprise the viewers.

Cullen, who had starred in various movies and TV shows, thanked everyone for letting him join the "OB" universe. "I've always admired from afar the incredible CloneClub love," Cullen added.

"but to receive so much of it tonight is overwhelming. You people are beauts."

It seems that both the cast and crew enjoyed his brief role. Maslany even joked that their scene is actually a "found footage." The couple continued on the banter on Twitter.

How 'Orphan Black' worked on Len Sipps storyline

Writer David Bezmozgis talked about Cullen's role and how it fits into the world of clones.

He shared that they were actually working on an "older and sleazy" version of Len.

However, they opted for someone who might be on par with Krystal's personality and attitude. "We tried to see if we could bring them closer together," he told Tv-eh.com, "and then as it developed, he became more and more hip and cool."

According to Bezmozgis, they continue with the new Len since the role was something that Cullen can do. The episode writer also shared that they had the opportunity to make this kind of decisions as part of the show's fifth and final season.

"Orphan Black" Season 5 Episode 7 "Gag or Throttle" airs next week on BBC America. Check out the latest teaser below.