The news about NCIS” Season 15’s cancellation is very prevalent and it is concerning especially as "NCIC" can be considered to be one of the long-running television series. The cancellation news can be seen on a lot of news sites online.

However, this assumption has been slammed by a lot of credible sources that revealed the action police procedural drama will definitely return. In fact, it is now in production and this was teased by Pauley Perrette, who plays the role of the Goth forensic scientist Abby Sciuto, on her Twitter page.

Perrette’s return to her gothic look

In a couple of snaps, Pauley Perrette revealed how she prepared for the start of “NCIS” Season 15's production.

In her first photo, the 48-year-old star revealed her newly cut bangs to reveal her character Abby Sciuto’s signature look. “Getting my hiatus bangs cut at our first day back,” she captioned the picture. In another post, she shared her new pair of boots with red rose patches that really marks her gothic look.

From the looks of it, Pauley Perrette will continue what she has started in the return of the television series.

However, her storyline in the new installment has not yet been revealed. But, fans are hopeful to see more of her character in important scenes, Inquisitr reported. Viewers are also looking forward to seeing her role grow bigger. As she started to reveal production news, followers of the show are now waiting for other cast members to show the same on their social media pages.

The truth about the cancellation news

Meanwhile, Carter Matt released its official statement about being tagged as the starter of “NCIS” Season 15 cancellation news.

The publication indicated that it just stated that Mark Harmon, who plays the lead role, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, is about to have a new position in the "NCIS" given that they already have a lot of agents.

They explained that they never mentioned that the 65-year-old actor is leaving the show or that his health is deteriorating. In fact, there are no exact sources saying that he really has health problems.

Carter Matt also stated that other publication sites are just putting out misleading titles and contents to attract more readers for the sake of having more traffics and readers. It also disclosed that the film actor is no way leaving the show as he is about to be seen in the next season.

If ever Mark Harmon leaves the show, this will be the legendary actor’s decision and he might announce it officially to stop the speculations. Anyhow, fans will definitely see their favorite "NCIS" Special Agent and the current leader of "NCIS" Major Case Response Team in the show’s return on Sept. 27 on CBS.