Warner Bros. announces updates to its calendar of film release by revealing two mystery DC comics movie. However, “Wonder Woman” fans must summon more patience as no confirmation was given as to the remake of the blockbuster hit.

Sequels and new creations fill Warner Bros. movie release timeline

Warner Bros. updates its movie release calendar by revealing two mystery DC Comics to be launched in 2020. The first new DC Extended Universe movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Valentines while the second film shall be release sometime in June.

Warner Bros.

has also confirmed the release of “Justice League” in November this year while “Aquaman” is all set to conquer theaters in 2018.

Untitled films were also placed on the release calendar. Warner Bros. placed one animated movie for release in June 2018, and another event film was scheduled in December 2019.

Meanwhile, DC Films are working on several solo and team-up films. The action movie “Shazam” has cast Dwayne Johnson as the antagonist Black Adam. The film makers made no official announcements as to its lead star and director, but reports point to David Sandberg. “Shazam” is initially set for release in April 2019.

“The Flash” has also been assigned a 2019 release date. Meanwhile, after director Ben Affleck left with his script, “The Batman” movie is headed to realization as Matt Reeves steps in.

No updates for the “Cyborg” film is available. Other movies such as Joss Whedon’s “Batgirl”, David Ayer’s “Gotham City Sirens,” Chris McKay’s “Nightwing” and the sequels to “Man of Steel” and “Justice League” are also on their way.

“Wonder Woman” sequel remains unconfirmed

Despite the stunning success of “Wonder Woman” in this year’s box office, Warner Bros.

remained cautious over the news of a sequel. To date, no confirmation was given yet. Reports claim that despite the audience’ clamor for part two, Warner Bros. is particularly cautious as the deal with director Patty Jenkins is still under negotiation.

“Wonder Woman” reached two major milestones yesterday. The film’s whopping earnings has passed the $381 million domestic record of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” part II.

The achievement has pushed “Wonder Woman” to become Warner Bros. third biggest domestic grosser ever. The movie sits behind The Dark Knight Rises” which recorded $448m in 2012 and “The Dark Knight” who earned $534m in 2008.

Meanwhile, “Wonder Woman” is also performing pretty well in the international arena. The Gal Gadot and Chris Pine led film has already earned a total of $385.3 million overseas. As a whole, “Wonder Woman” has already gathered over $767 million worldwide making it the 73rd-biggest grossing movie of all time.