Aaron Carter with his girlfriend Madison Parker were recently arrested in Georgia. The two were charged with offenses which include driving under the influence of marijuana and two drug-related charges. About 9 p.m. ET on Saturday, the 29-year-old singer was detained in the county, 87 miles North America. According to the Chief of Habersham County, Floyd Canup, several misdemeanor charges are now being faced by Carter and his girlfriend including possession of a drugs.

Duo in police custody

The younger brother of the ‘Backstreet Boys” Nick Carter will be now facing obstruction of law enforcement officers and two drug-related charges.The former child star icon was popular for his 2000 album song “I Want Candy” and single “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)” which went to number four on the US billboard charts.

Aaron Carter’s career peaked as he built a name and reputation as an artist during the late 1990s.

Before his arrest, Carter’s staff tweeted that Carter was going to miss a performance in Kansas City last Saturday because of transportation problems. "Due to transportation issues, Carter will miss the show in Kansas City tonight. He feels sorry to all his fans and promises to come back” the tweet read.Carter and his girlfriend Madison Parker were both arrested and charged with several drug-related offenses. Currently, they are both detained and under the custody of the authorities but not yet clear whether they have already lawyers to represent them.

The two were recently rumored to be secretly engaged after a paparazzi caught them looking some pricey diamond rings in a couple of jewelry stores.

Carter and Parker are still in the process of being booked

Although Carter and Parker were already arrested, the mug shot was still not taken and no official arrest statement was released by the police. Many are saying that Carter’s missing of his performance in Kansas City was because of his arrest, but his manager said that the cancellation was prior to his detention.

On the other hand, when Carter’s management was asked about the current state of the singer, they remained silent and did not release any comment.

A sneak peeks of his new music along with a meet and greets scheduled in Birmingham, Alabama was also canceled. Due to the charges he is currently facing, questions are now arising whether he could still go on with his other scheduled shows.

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