The’19 Kids and Counting’ couple Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar amazes their fans on their extraordinary parenting style. Even parents with several kids cannot fathom how the couple can manage to live a harmonious and happy life with 19 children plus grand kids and the spouses of their children.

Michelle Duggar efficient in training and rearing her children

The family is a mixture of grown-ups and little children. Those who find it hard to manage a few kids ought to seek Michelle Duggar’s advice. How she handles the grinds of daily life in a huge home with lots of children is remarkable.

They have almost two dozen plates, glasses, spoons and forks used every meal. There are 19 sets of clothes getting soiled every day to count the least. During Christmas, the couple needs 19 gifts for their children according to In Touch. Eight gifts for their grand kids and five for the spouses of Josh, Jill Duggar-Dillard, Jessa Duggar-Seewald, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, and Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth should be added to the shopping list.

The Duggar children work in the home

Studying the content of the Duggar Family website in the family scrapbook portion, one can see that each one of their 19 kids from the eldest left in the home to the youngest have assigned chores. Janna Duggar, 27, takes care of the mail and takes charge of meal preparation and the kitchen.

Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna are homemakers in their respective homes. But when they were single, they have their own assigned works in the home. Jinger used to do the laundry and Joy-Anna is the overseer of the family. The small girls arrange shoes, clean tables, and the floor, gather laundry, and help to organize things inside the kitchen.

Most of the Duggar boys have work outside the home. Josh used to work with the Family Research Council Action before his scandals. John-David works as a fire fighter. Joseph, Josiah, and Jedidiah all work as real estate maintenance. Jeremiah works as a handyman/lawman. Most of the small boys are assigned helping in the kitchen.

Love abounds in the home of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar trained her children to work, taught them brotherly love and respect, trained them for ministry in the church, and service to family and church mates. Gaining the obedience of all her children means that she is a good and impartial mother in the treatment of all her 19 kids. She still extends so much love for her eight grand kids plus one more boy coming. However, not all parents and fans agree with the way she trains her children and grand kids as reported by the Inquisitr.

The family’s day-to-day activities were shown in their show “19 Kids and Counting.” However, it was canceled after Josh’s scandals were discovered. A spin-off titled “Jill and Jessa: Counting On” served as the replacement, but the focus is now on the married lives of Jill and Jessa.

TLC has integrated the proposals, engagement, weddings, and deliveries of the Duggar children. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not find rearing all their kids tedious, but it was a joy to see them growing and marrying.