Mindy Kaling has finally shown off her baby bump for the first time during the red carpet event on Wednesday. The "Mindy Project" star was spotted gracing the event after she first announced her journey to pregnancy. Apparently, it looked as if being pregnant looks well on her. Kaling appeared glowing and beautiful like she has never been before.

The 38-year old star has sported a chic navy dress which clearly showed off the growing bundle of joy on her womb. Fans couldn't help but noticed her tummy as she walked the red carpet. Meanwhile, Kaling appeared more stunning when she loses her hair curls over her shoulder and has accented her maternity dress with her black shoes.

Television Critic Association event

As per E! News, Kaling was believed to have continued working on her career despite being pregnant. It was also reported that she has just recently attended the Television Critic Association event in order to show support for the sixth and final season of "Hulu" comedy series.

It was further revealed that such TV series is slated to premiere on September 12 with co-star, Ike Barinholtz. Meanwhile, E! News further reported that the storyline was penned by Matt Warburton and he has also joined Kaling during the red carpet event.

As of the meantime, the actress has kept herself silent over the details of her upcoming baby. However, she also added that her family life is something that has made her happier today.

Happy ever after

Amid her busy and successful career, Kaling has tried to make sure that she'll be able to spend more of her time with her family. As she stated in her interviews, she found it a lot romantic when she started thinking about living happily ever after with her growing bundle of joy.

She added that having such romantic happiness absolutely gave her the feeling of contentment being a soon-to-be mother.

As she continued to work on her "Mindy Project," Kaling also shared that some of their episodes will work on "mom-shaming" scenes which will co-star Julie Bowen.

She also revealed that a prequel is finally in talks.

However, some of the details of her project are yet to be disclosed. As she continued, the 38-year old actress also added that they are currently working on the best finale for the "Mindy Project."

Amid the news of her pregnancy, Kaling has always emphasized that such unexpected surprise will never affect her present and future career. Hence, it is no stranger if her fans can still see her being deeply involved with her projects and career.