Bella Throne has finally broken her silence about the romance rumors that has been affecting her life lately. The 19-year old actress has finally spoken at the E! News iGo.Live app launch party, and she denied all the rumors that have been linked to her.

Throne added that not everyone people see that she has been together with was her love interest. The singer has set the record straight on her interview, and she added that some people were simply obsessed about her love interest.

Annoying part

For a long time, the young singer has kept herself mum over the issues that were linked to her.

However, as she has finally spoken, Throne revealed that those people who regularly talked about who is seeing with are the most annoying parts of her life.

Apparently, Throne has hated the fact that when she has been pictured out going out with somebody, rumors just came in easily online and had started to talk about her dating someone else or thinking about getting married. For her, these people were just obsessed with her life.

As she ended her statement, Throne has given some sort of advice to the press. She revealed that not every single person that she has seen being out with is her new found romance. She further hopes that news people will also respect her life.

Relationship with Scott Disick

While she was about to end her statement, E! News has continued to ask questions and asked about her real relationship with Scott Disick. The young singer revealed that both of them were only close friends. Despite the romance rumors which surfaced online, Throne has made it clear that nothing romantic is happening between the two of them.

Meanwhile, apart from being busy with her love life, she also added that she has been working on her music lately. She revealed that her music career has been making her schedules occupied and much of her music collaborations will be coming out very soon.

Further, she was also happy to reveal that she will be sharing some of her adventures really soon through the newly released iGo.Live.App which allows users to use live streaming to a whole new level.

Apart from her Instagram and Twitter page, Throne added that she will taking full advantage of using the app as she will share much of her life to her followers.

Right now, the has been the recent update that Throne has revealed about her life and career. Moreover, her followers are also looking forward to the new music that she is about to release this year.