In Episode 2 of “Midnight Texas,” Manfred continues to communicate with the dead Aubrey. Meanwhile, his neighbors decide to help get rid of the spirits that occupy his place.


Episode 2 titled “Bad Moon Rising” picks up after the events in Episode 1, where the police wrongfully arrested Bobo (Dylan Bruce) for the murder of his fiancée Aubrey (Shannon Lorance). Viewers may remember that the cops found the murder weapon after Manfred (Francois Arnaud) led them to Pecados. The weapon - a gun - turned out to be Bobo’s, although it is safe to say that someone probably framed him for Aubrey’s death.

After he witnessed how the people of Midnight Texas defended Bobo and tried to prevent his arrest, Manfred decides to help. According to the synopsis from Cartermatt for “Bad Moon Rising,” he eventually decides to talk to Aubrey’s ghost again to find out who the real killer is. This way, he can clear Bobo’s name in the murder. The trailer for Episode 2 reveals that Manfred is successful in bringing out the real killer as Bobo is back in the village. It is safe to assume the murderer is Aubrey’s husband, who is a member of the biker group called the Sons of Lucifer.

The unwanted ghosts

Episode 1 ended with Manfred discovering that the spirits he locked in his room have all escaped. Now they are roaming freely in his living room.

However, in Episode 2, his neighbors decide to intervene and help get rid of the unwanted ghosts that crashed his home after he communicated with Aubrey’s spirit for the first time. The trailer reveals that the witch Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) performs an exorcism to banish the spirits away.

A predator invades Midnight Texas in Episode 2

Meanwhile, the neighbors discover that someone has been terrorizing the people of Midnight Texas. A deadly predator has been on a killing spree and it is up to the assassin Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and her lover, the vampire Lemuel (Peter Mensah), to stop it before it kills again.

The trailer for “Bad Moon Rising” may have given a glimpse at this predator. Could the tiger be the one out killing people? Is the tiger the Rev. Emilio? Or is the old man scaring Creek (Sarah Ramos) the one Olivia and Lemuel are after?

What else to expect in 'Bad Moon Rising'

Elsewhere, the neighbors realize Manfred’s purpose in the village. According to prophecy, a man will arrive in Midnight Texas who will lead an army that will battle evil. This man can bridge the living and the dead. The trailer shows Manfred leading the queer folk into battle.