Justin Bieber will no longer continue with his Purpose World Tour. The singer’s team announced the decision earlier this week on the Facebook page of the 23-year-old, noting that the reason was due to unforeseen circumstances. Later, after the announcement, Bieber was spotted relaxing in Santa Monica.

The next concert of Bieber was supposed to be this Saturday in Arlington, Texas. The team added in their announcement that Bieber loves his fans and hates to disappoint them but because of the circumstances surrounding him now, they decided to halt the future concert dates of the Purpose World Tour.

They concluded the announcement by saying that the “Sorry” singer thanks his fans for the “incredible experience” he had while touring for the last 18 months.

According to CNN, the additional North American leg of his tour and some of the stops in Asia (such us in Singapore and Philippines) were affected by the cancellation. For the individuals affected by the cancellation, they are advised to ask for a refund from their point of purchase.

Singer spotted in Santa Monica

Bieber is reportedly hanging out with his friends from church to unwind and relax. He told the publication TMZ that everything is fine now and apologized once again to his fans who felt disappointed or betrayed with his decision.

He added that he is set to rest, relax, and ride bikes in the coming days.

Insiders claim Bieber was super exhausted from tour

Although Bieber and his team did not explicitly say what the reason was why they suddenly postponed all the remaining tour dates, insiders told People that the “What Do You Mean” singer has been exhausted from his concerts because of the schedule and the constant travels.

Another insider told the publication that although Bieber has toured before, this is different because he has been touring for 18 months straight, so it took a toll on him.

One more source said that Bieber felt he could no longer give the same energy for his performances that his fans deserve. The singer is reportedly a perfectionist and did not want to disappoint his fans with a “half-a** performance.” A friend close to Bieber also said that Bieber’s mental exhaustion is something that very few people understand and postponing the tour was not an easy decision for Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend.

The friend noted that Bieber would tour again someday as he loves performing but for now they are asking fans to let him rest so he can come back better.

John Mayer tweets concern over Bieber

Singer John Mayer took to Twitter to talk about Bieber’s Purpose World Tour postponement. Mayer, who was not addressing anyone in particular in his first tweet, said that “when someone pulls remaining dates of a tour” it means that the artist could have done “real damage to themselves if they kept going.” In a follow-up tweet, Mayer addressed Bieber and said that there had been so many great artists who they lost in the industry as of late, so he gave Bieber a thumbs up for “realizing it was time to call it.” He encouraged the fans of Bieber, called Beliebers, to praise Bieber as well for his bravery in choosing to stop the tour and take care of himself.