It is a sad day for the cast and crew for "Outlander" Season 3. We still have few months before the premiere but an important member of the crew recently left the show. Read on for more details.

Why did Anne Kenney leave the show

anne kenney just announced her exit with a tweet saying that her role ends with the third season. According to her, she wrote the script for the second episode of "Voyager." She clarified that she will remain as one of the avid fans of the STARZ show, EW reports.

"Adapting @Writer_DG AND interacting with such incredible people (Outlander fans)," Kenney said.

"It's gonna be a hard act to follow!"

As for the reason on why she left, Kenney said that the time has come for "new challenges." Diana Gabaldon's longtime collaborator remained positive as she replies to fans and well-wishers. Check out the tweets from Anne Kenney's co-workers including Gabaldon herself.

Anne Kenney's notable works on 'Outlander' and more

"Outlander" has to move forward without Anne Kenney and her absence will not go unnoticed. There has a lot of space to fill in since Kenney also worked as the pilot's co-executive producer before they promoted her as one of the executive producers in Season 2.

Fans knew Kenney for her critically acclaimed episodes which include some of the major plots of the entire show. She wrote several Season 1 episodes such as "The Way Out," "The Wedding" and "Lallybroch.” For the second season, she worked on “Useful Occupations and Deceptions," “The Fox’s Lair" and “The Hail Mary” with Ira Steven Behr.

Kenney, who already made her mark on the small screen before "Outlander," was part of "Family Law" and "L.A. Law" in the 1990s. She later took writing and EP roles for "Greek," "Hellcats," and "Beautiful People." ABC Family's "Switched at Birth" is her most recent TV credit.

'Outlander' Season 4 spoilers finally revealed

Following the huge success of TV adaptation, STARZ renewed the series for two more seasons which will follow their book counterparts, "Voyager" and "Drums of Autumns." The crew just finished filming for "Outlander" Season 3 and fans cannot wait for its premiere.

The Scottish Sun shared new updates regarding the shooting of the fourth season. The show is now looking for aspiring individuals to become part of the production team. They will have the chance to learn and work with experienced crew members and possibly, interact with Sam Heughan and Catriona Balfe.

This is not the first time that "Outlander" looked for trainees. In the last season, they have helped 20 people to have a career behind the camera. The deadline for submission is on July 10 via Creative Scotland.

"Outlander" Season 3 returns on September 2017 on STARZ. Stay tuned for more updates.