Mark Harmon is not going anywhere as he does not have any plans to leave "NCIS" Season 15. At the same time, it seems he still has ongoing issues with his sister. Fans of the hit CBS series were already worried about his character because of his rumored failing health.

According to recent reports, Mark Harmon is not going to leave the long-time running CBS TV series, "NCIS." Despite the rumors that he has been planning to exit the show because of his illness, sources close to the actor say that he is not going to quit at all.

Mark Harmon continues his career in 'NCIS' Season 15

Despite the cancellation reports surrounding "NCIS" Season 15, sources close to Mark Harmon assured the fans that their favorite actor will not leave the hit TV series anytime soon. Insiders revealed that the fans of Harmon and "NCIS" should no longer fret about the future of his character in the show.

Publications revealed that Harmon's character, Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs might even meet a new lover in the next season of the series. His lover will be named, Reagan who is a 40-year-old successful psychologist who likes Gibbs.

Meanwhile, Gibbs is also expected to overcome his situation in the finale of the last season. He was seen trapped in the series by a group of rebels, but it seems that he will be able to escape the situation together with McGee.

Harmon continues to snub his ailing sister

On the other side of the story, the 65-year-old actor is reportedly not in good terms with his sister, Kristin Nelson despite her illness. Nelson is believed to be suffering from a serious illness according to a report by Radar Online. They allege that Harmon is not reaching out to his sister and reportedly does not want to help her out.

“Kristin [Nelson] is nearly destitute. She got a small inheritance from her mother who died in 2012, but that money is virtually gone now," the insider revealed.

“Mark is worth millions," an insider claimed. "He would not kick in a penny to help her out,” Radar quoted.

Nelson is reportedly broke despite the money she got from her mother a few years ago.

Harmon has reportedly refused to help his sister and does not even reach out to her. The fight between the siblings started back in 1987 when Harmon's wife, Pam Dawber stated that Nelson was doing drugs while her son, Sam was around, which Nelson denied. Harmon reportedly tried to take Nelson's kid away from her, because of the drug abuse and her personal issues. However, he dropped the lawsuit case later on.

"NCIS" Season 15 stars Mark Harmon, Sean Murray and more. The long running series will premiere in September 2017.