Former child star Macaulay Culkin is once again taking the internet by storm. And this time, it's for the right reasons. A recent photo of the "Home Alone" star is going viral. The photograph shows a healthier and more sleek actor who seems to have undergone a major transformation. GQ was quick to notice how his perfectly trimmed hair is adding on to his charm. Culkin's look is completely different from the days when he was disturbingly thin, with an unshaven face and a shoulder-length hair.

According to People, Macaulay Culkin, 36, and Brenda Song, 29, were spotted at a restaurant in West Hollywood when the "Changeland" star surprised his fans with his new look.

Sporting a short haircut and medium rimmed glasses, Culkin looked like he had spent a considerable amount of time trying to reinvent himself. Culkin wore long denim sleeves on his tee, which he matched with black jeans that complimented his healthy body. Brenda Song, on the other hand, wore black shorts and an oversized cardigan. "Changeland" is directed by Seth Green and is said to be Macaulay Culkin's first big screen debut in 10 years.

Actor on rumors of heroin use

In a rare interview with the actor in 2016, Culkin denied allegations that he was addicted to heroin and that it was the main reason why he hasn't been in the spotlight. Responding to the rumors, he said, "No, I was not pounding six grand of heroin every month or whatever." He also added that he's bothered about how tabloids pretended to be concerned about his well- being, while simultaneously, making him the target of nasty news headlines.

He also said that he just didn't want to be in the spotlight at the time. Looking at himself as not worthy of attention anymore, he proved himself wrong when he was spotted walking down the street. The paparazzi came to the location right away and started clicking his photographs. Culkin admitted that he was an "effectively retired" actor who seems to just follow where destiny takes him.

He is currently involved in arts and writing. While he seems to dodge the cameras every now and then, he reveals that he usually goes on an early morning walk, so that people do not notice him.

Culkin's incredible transformation

Culkin no doubt has a slender figure that compliments his natural good looks. If it hadn't been for his former viral pictures that showed him looking tired and drawn, this latest picture of him could have very well been considered normal.

Culkin had a cult following in the 90s when he starred as Kevin McCallister in two "Home Alone" movies.