This week's episode of "Superstore" brought about the much-appreciated laughs from viewers' favorites, and even a guest feature from another hit comedy series. Brenda Song, who rose to popularity for playing the role of London Tipton in Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," visited "Superstore" as one of Glenn's many adopted children.

On last night's "Superstore," Brenda Song's Christine immediately catches the attention of Jonah (Ben Feldman), and this doesn't go unnoticed by both Glenn (Mark McKinney) and Amy (America Ferrera).

As Jonah decides to ask Glenn permission to take Christine out on a date, Glenn couldn't get himself to say no. Amy reassures him that he could say no, but it was too late. Jonah went on to ask Christine out.

Amy takes matters into her own hands and speaks to Christine, telling her that she wouldn't want to date someone like Jonah, who "talks too much about cheese" and has a crystal meth habit, she alleges. Of course, the truth comes out when Amy, Jonah, Christine, and Glenn confront each other.

Amy tries hard to hide her feelings from Jonah

"First of all, ew." For what seems to be the longest time, the will-they, won't they between Amy and Jonah has been one of the most interesting things about "Superstore." From season 1, their chemistry had been palpable, and to this day, viewers still don't know what a drunken Amy wanted to tell Jonah as he held her hair in the bathroom of Cloud 9 after they got locked in on a Friday night and partied really hard.

To save Glenn the humiliation of being embarrassed in front of his adopted daughter, Amy threw herself under the bus. Amy claimed that she said all the nasty things about Jonah to Christine because she had a crush on Jonah and was jealous of Christine. Of course, viewers know very well that deep down, this is true, and she hasn't really admitted it to herself just yet.

This episode's best jokes

Of course, any "Superstore" episodes won't be complete without one-liners that are sure to get the laughs going. One of them being Glenn saying, "If you don't go and ask her out right now, I am gonna go and kill myself. I know exactly how many aspirin to take!" This joke may be dark, but it does show how Glenn, who perpetually has a sunny disposition, may have his own battles with depression.

Another great joke in last night's "Superstore" was when Garrett (Colton Dunn) takes to the store intercom to look for one of Glenn's adopted children, Bobbie Sue, after Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) loses track of her. Garrett goes on to offer free candy to Bobbie Sue, and shortly thereafter, an Asian man comes up to him and shows him his ID, which of course reads Bobby Suh.

This episode left some burns on poor Mateo (Nico Santos) as well, as he begun to realize that Jeff just wasn't that hot. With Dina (Lauren Ash) straight up telling him that Jeff's face "was a mess" and Amy just giving a non-answer on whether or not Jeff was good-looking, Mateo's road to healing post-breakup seems to be a bit bumpy.

Speaking of bumpy, Amy's face at the end of the episode when Jonah gets pulled into the Sturgis family photo says it all: she's jealous of Christine. What's next for her and Jonah though? Tune into "Superstore" as it returns to NBC on April 20 at 8/7c.