The Airborne Toxic Event is an Indie rock band from Los Angles and the group has enjoyed much success over the span of their career dating back to 2006. The first album they released was a self-titled LP in 2008 and after that, they released four more studio albums, "All at Once" in 2011, "Such Hot Blood" in 2013, and "Dope Machines" and "Songs of God and Whiskey" in 2015. According to the This Is Nowhere Website, they are currently working on a sixth album.

Sudden stop in new music

The Airborne Toxic Event is made up of lead singer Mikel Jollett, Steven Chen on guitar and keyboards, Adrian Rodriguez on bass, Daren Taylor on drums, and Anna Bulbrook on viola, keyboard and tambourine.

The band has always been forthcoming with their fans, sharing tons of information on their various social media sites. They were known for their grueling tour schedule and abundance of new music.

2015 was an exciting year for the band as they released not one, but two new albums. The first was their fourth studio album, "Dope Machines," and the second “surprise” record was titled "Songs of God and Whiskey." The surprise album was an acoustic rock and roll record taken from 10 years of songwriting. Along with those new albums came a couple of music videos and fan favorites like the Bombastic Videos, which are one-take acoustic videos.

Sad news came in early May when frontman Mikel Jollett's father passed away from cancer.

His father Jim Jollett, was a long time supporter of the band and was often seen at their hometown shows singing along to the music while wearing his Airborne attire.

After 2015, things went silent for The Airborne Toxic Event. Some of the band members started working on other projects and were focusing more on their personal lives.

Mikel got married and became a dad, while still certainly grieving the loss of his own father.

The silence was broken in March

Finally the silence was broken and the band announced that they would play a concert on March 23, 2017 at the the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Six days later they added another show at the El Ray for March 30, and then another was scheduled for April 6.

The first three shows sold out in three minutes so The Airborne Toxic Event added a final show at the El Rey on April 7.

The songs that were performed during the concerts at the El Rey Theatre were a part of the bands record-making process and most of the songs were still works in progress. As an artist, Jollett recognizes the impact that a song could have on people. "You can get more across in a three minute song than in a 10,000 word story - if you do it right," said Jollett.

On June 25, Jollett tweeted that he was going to be away from his Twitter account for a bit, but will have some news when he gets back. Fans are hoping the news will include a release date for the new album and an upcoming tour.