Game of Thrones” doesn’t pull punches when it comes to surprises. While we are still processing the events that unfolded on tonight’s episode, HBO has already released a preview for the next week’s episode titled “The Queen’s Justice.”

'The Queen’s Justice' Preview

The trailer starts with Daenerys Targaryen staring out at the ocean from the comfort of Dragonstone. Then, we see a triumphant Euron riding on the streets of King’s Landing while the people receive him with a warm welcome. Thankfully, because of Theon’s act of cowardice on the previous episode, Yara seems to have survived the ordeal and most likely ended up a prisoner of Euron.

This gives Theon a chance to redeem himself by saving her from the hands of their uncle in the future. Ellaria, on the other hand, is definitely in big trouble. Euron would most likely offer her as a gift to Cersei knowing that she’s the one who poisoned Myrcella back in Dorne.

Speaking of Cersei, we hear her say that the war has already begun and she drew the first blood. It is then followed by Tyrion telling someone that his sister knows that they are coming.

We also finally catch a glimpse of the Unsullied carrying out Tyrion’s plan to capture the Casterly Rock. Taking a look at the trailer, the possibility of seeing Jaime take charge of the Casterly Rock’s defense is pretty high. And considering Greyworm’s intimate scene with Missandei in tonight’s episode, let’s hope that the sacking of the Casterly Rock don’t mark the Unsullied leader’s end.

Back in Winterfell, we see a brief clip of Sansa taking a walk in the garden with a troubled look on her face.

Daenerys and Jon Snow

At the end of the preview, we see Jon Snow, together with Davos, finally meets Daenerys Targaryen for the first time. What unfolds after this meeting is still pretty unpredictable due to their different goals.

Dany's concern as of now is to conquer Westeros while Jon’s pretty focused on defending the north from the looming threat of the Night King. And despite Melisandre warning Dany last episode about the threat of the Long Night, the latter still refuses to believe it. What's more troubling is her talk with Olenna Tyrell last episode and the advice of being a “Dragon” instead of a “sheep.” Dany might take this more seriously now after Euron’s success and end up affecting her first meeting with Jon. You can check out the “Game of Thrones” Episode 3 Preview below. We look forward to more episodes of the show.