Tom Ellis dished some “Lucifer” Season 3 spoilers in a recent interview ahead of the show’s return to Fox this fall. The actor mentioned the appearance of a new adversary for the titular character and the possible return of family members including Lucifer’s mother Charlotte.

The final series may reunite Lucifer with his family

Tom Ellis was generous enough to share a few details about the upcoming season in an interview with DC All Access. He hinted at the return of the devil’s family members in “Lucifer” Season 3 when the topic of Charlotte’s addition in the series came up.

“Given that they don’t particularly play by the rules of humanity there’s always a chance that other people can come back,” Ellis said.

Will Lucifer’s mother return to Earth and be with her sons again?

It remains unclear if the divine being has plans to return to Earth after what she has been through in Season 2. It was clear that she despised being with the mortals and the only reason she stayed on Earth was for Lucifer and Amenadiel. However, given what happened to her in the Season 2 Finale, there is a possibility that she could return to Los Angeles.

To recap, Lucifer opened another dimension for his mother to go to instead of going back to Heaven or Hell. He gave her a chance to rebuild her life and start fresh in an empty realm, where she can be its ruler.

If his mother does decide to return to Earth in “Lucifer” Season 3 then perhaps this time it would be to convince Lucifer to send her back to Heaven. It is likely too, that she would still occupy Charlotte Richards’ (Tricia Helfer) body. The question now is how she returns, although it is possible that she uses Uriel’s sword, which Lucifer threw in with her into the new dimension, as her ticket out.

Lucifer will face a new adversary

It is going to be another challenging ride for the titular character in “Lucifer” Season 3 when he meets his new adversary. Tom Ellis confirmed the addition of a new person, who he said will test the devil “in ways that he has not been tested yet.” Details about this new character remain undisclosed and pending new cast updates for the installment.

When will the show return?

There is no exact release date announced yet, although according to Digital Spy, the show could return sometime between Sept. 19-22. This is given that Fox’s lineup usually starts on the third Monday of the month. “LuciferSeason 3 also airs at 8:00 p.m. instead of 9:00 p.m. as it has taken over “Gotham.”