Luciferseason 3 returns to Fox with possible new characters and with answers to that cliffhanger in the Season 2 finale. Tom Ellis also dished some spoilers about his character’s fate in the installment in an interview.

Episode 1 synopsis

Warner Bros TV has released the synopsis for the premiere episode, which takes viewers back to the scene in the Season 2 Finale. To recap, the episode saw the devil wake up in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in a desert, looking scorched and beaten. He also has his wings back, which is a surprise, considering that he already burned them in Season 1.

According to the summary from Bleeding Cool, Episode 1 will answer how Lucifer got his wings back. It will also reveal his whereabouts. Is the devil back in Hell? Regardless, it would not be long before he returns to Los Angeles to “heat things up” once again.

The devil’s new adversary in “Lucifer” Season 3

The devil will have to contend with a new enemy when Season 3 airs on screens on Oct. 2. Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, revealed that this new person will challenge Lucifer in ways that he has not been tested before. It would be interesting to see who this character is and how he manages to outsmart or gain control over the devil.

Family members--old and new—to surface

Ellis hinted that Season 3 might bring back old faces among Lucifer’s family.

Fans already met Uriel and the devil’s mother, who assumed Charlotte Richards’ (Tricia Helfer) identity. Aimee Garcia, who plays Ella Lopez, confirmed that Helfer will return for the installment. Perhaps Lucifer’s mother continues to use Charlotte’s body when and if ever she decides to return to Earth.

Aside from Uriel and Charlotte, it is likely that Season 3 will also introduce other members of Lucifer’s family.

“I think there is always a chance we’ll meet more members of the family. There’s always a chance that other people would come back,” Ellis said in an interview with DC All Access (video below). It would be interesting to see God Johnson return in Season 3 as well. His presence had helped Lucifer deal with his daddy issues.

Lucifer and Ella go on a musical adventure

Garcia revealed that an episode in “Lucifer” Season 3 will see the devil and the CSI go on a fun road trip. This little road trip will test their singing and dancing skills. Hearing the devil sing is nothing new as he had belted out some tunes in past episodes. However, it would be a first to see Lucifer dance in the installment.