Only two episodes away from the season finale, there is so much drama ahead on "Power." This episode challenged how far Tasha would go to find love again. Furthermore, Ghost patience is tested to save his family. Also, Tommy strives to get revenge on the people who killed Julio.

Why would you Tasha sleep with another guy?

While Ghost was in jail, two lawyers worked hard to get him exonerated, One of the lawyers started developing a crush on Tasha. The secret crushing started during Ghost's jail sentencing. They both started exchanging deep, long second glances at each other.

In this episode, the deep stares turned into soft touches on the shoulder. The soft touches on the shoulder turned into sex. Instead of Tasha supporting her husband Ghost at a business event, she dipped out to go the lawyer's house to have late night sex.

Is the new guy good for Tasha?

The lawyer took Tasha on a date with some of his friends. She sang a rhythm and blues song during a karaoke night. The show did not show the lawyer singing during karaoke night. It would have been nice to see the lawyer sing. During the whole date, both of them were smiling and blushing at each other. Is there real chemistry between these two? The lawyer did seem to treat her like a lady rather than Ghost treating her like a trophy wife.

Ghost wants his marriage back! Should Tasha give him another chance?

We all know that Ghost had a love affair with his old high school crush and friend. In the first season, the two bumped into each other at his club. Throughout season one and season three they first had a secret love affair. When Ghost saw Angela at his club, old feelings sparked and made him consciously think he could live like a teenager boy again.

This whole extramarital affair affected his family, business, and friendships. Also, it caused him to go to jail for a crime he did not commit. He put Tasha and the kids through a lot and publicly humiliated them in front of people. Also, made Tommy lose a little respect for him.

So after that brief recap of Ghost and Tasha's marriage problems, you should be baffled that Ghost would ask for Tasha back.

Furthermore, Ghost buys Tasha another wedding ring and asks for her to give him another chance. This moment in this episode occurred after Tasha and the lawyer had sex.

Is there anything else that happened in this episode? Of course, there was more that happened, but you have to check out this episode on your DVR.