This season has already had a few flabbergasting moments. Starting with the following: Ghost being in jail and watching his family get humiliated by the New York media, Tommy having to handle the drug crew all by himself, Tariq making very stupid decisions and being a menace, and Kanaan taking advantage of Tariq, but honestly enjoying his time with him. So much has occurred this season. If you missed this episode, this article would put you up to speed.

Oh no, what did Tasha do?

When Ghost was in jail, Tasha disbursed most of the family's money to pay for Ghost's prison expenses.

This made the St. Patrick family low on their finances. So, Tasha reached out to Ghost's enemy, Howard Stern. Stern is the business man who worked hard to take Ghost's club. It took Ghost almost the whole season to get his club back. From drug dealer to entrepreneur, Ghost has really worked to keep his club away from Stern.

Just moments after Ghost walked into his club for the first time after getting out of jail; Stern walked in with a scheming smirk on his face. He asked Ghost for the money but he is perplexed about what money Stern is talking about. Ghost said he was low on money because it was used to support him in jail. So, Stern presented Ghost with a new business deal in exchange for the value of the money Tasha borrowed.

The new business deal was for Ghost to work with him on a new real estate business plan. Before Ghost could respond, Stern accepted the business offer for him. Will this business plan take a whole summer to get out of?

Seems like Ghost had no alternatives.

What is going on with Tariq?

In this season, Tariq has become more of the disrespectful and menace character on the show.

Furthermore, in this episode, Tariq does not discern his surroundings, which are Kanaan, Jukebox, drugs, sex, girls, stealing, and violence. Tariq receives some indications from his mother Tasha, but he does not put the clues together.

Ghost come and save your son before he.

In the last minutes of this episode, the moods that are shown are love, dissension, covetousness, and avarice.

Jukebox became more eager in getting the ransom money from Ghost So, she lied, kept Tariq for ransom longer, and drugged him. Moreover, Kanaan and Ghost steals Tommy's money and killed all the men working to protect it. Afterward, Kanaan and Ghost both sat in the car recalling the bad things they did as a teenager. Kanaan finally accosts Ghost on why he sent him to prison.