At this point, there's no telling if Joseline Hernandez will be back for another season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." After the Season 6 finale aired, the Puerto Rican princess went off on Mona Scott-Young again, claiming that she is owed a lot of money for her work on the show and that the executive producer hasn't paid up.

During Joseline's rant, she went all the way off, which isn't surprising considering some of the other things she's done during her tenure on the show. While she was ranting, Joseline claimed that Mona Scott Young takes advantage of black people and makes them look bad on TV.

NeNe Leakes tries to help

Joseline Hernandez has been filming "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" for a long time. Since its start, she and Stevie J have been the stars of the show but it looks like that run might be over unless Joseline cools off a lot.

That's where NeNe Leakes comes in. NeNe has also been a reality TV star for a very long time and if you have to ask which of the women has been more successful then you probably haven't been paying attention.

In the wake of Joseline's rant, Celebrity Insider reports that NeNe has offered a bit of advice to her fellow reality TV star. NeNe says Joseline needs to stay calm. We'd laugh and ask if NeNe has ever met Joseline Hernandez but she has and she has to know that the Latina singer has a fiery temper and tends to go off very easily.

During a recent interview, NeNe advised Joseline to get a good team around her. She told the Puerto Rican princess that she won't win in a fight against the network and also that airing her "dirty laundry" on social media is not the ticket to success.

NeNe went on to say that Joseline should fight for any money owed to her behind closed doors.

It sounds like she's telling the "LHHATL" star to get a lawyer and stop going off on Instagram Live.

Joseline's rant

Joseline's rant against Mona Scott Young all started when she went live on Instagram while ranting about the way Season 6 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" ended. Joseline blamed Mona for editing the season to make her look crazy.

Joseline had already been upset with the "LHHATL" executive producer prior to the finale but it looks like she had calmed down until she saw the clip where production explained how hard it was to deal with Joseline Hernandez and her ever-changing moods.

Joseline took things a step further when she claimed that Mona Scott Young was exploiting black people and then said that she wasn't going to let them make her look crazy anymore. The thing is, if Mona Scott Young chooses to fire Joseline from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" she'll just replace her with someone else. The show will go on for Mona and everyone else working on "LHHATL." Clearly, after all the ranting and raving, the loser in all of this is going to be JOseline Hernandez unless she listens to NeNe Leakes and gets smarter about how she gets her money.

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