Before the first season of "Stranger Things" wrapped things up, there were a lot of questions that left viewers on the edge of their seats. Luckily, the "Stranger Things" panel during the San Diego Comic-Con teased some footage of the second season. Netflix also unveiled an exciting new trailer for the next season as well.

What will happen in the second season?

Even if the trailer did not answer most of the viewer's questions, it still had some moments which will give viewers the chills. It opened with the boys playing a game of "Dragon's Lair" with the matching background song of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" during the narration.

During the season finale, Hopper and Joyce rescued Will from being imprisoned in the Upside-Down. But it looks like the nightmares are not over yet. Apparently, Will is still getting flashes of the Upside-Down, which means that it will come back for more. His visions include the silhouette of the huge monster that hovers over Hawkins during the first trailer. It looks like Upside-Down will spread to the real world soon.

A new villain?

Will was also seen vomiting miniature monsters. This might be connected to Noah Schnapp's wish, the young actor who plays Will. During his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he expressed his desire to see Will as a darker and villainous character in the second season.

Following his return to the real world, will that mean that he be the next villain that the group will face? Good to think about it but the fact is that he will not. Instead, he will be tormented by his experiences in the Upside-Down world.

Eleven is back

The trailer gave everyone a glimpse of the gang's Ghostbusters Halloween costumes.

It also showed the intense moments between Steve and Nancy who learn that the new monster is not after Will - It is after everyone else.

But the highlight of the trailer is knowing that Eleven is back. At the end of the trailer, with Mike not giving up on finding his friend, Eleven will be back and will help the gang in saving the real world from Upside-Down.

Will she also experience the visions and the nightmares that Will is facing now?

Some of the new characters in the series include the brother and sister Max (Sadie Sink) and Billy (Dacre Montgomery) as well as Bob (Sean Austin), Joyce's old high school classmate turned boyfriend. There is also a new seemingly friendly head of the lab in Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) who looks like he is hiding something.