Katy Perry and the "One Direction" singer Niall Horan accidentally met at the backstage of "The Voice Australia" for a guest performance on Sunday. Perry made a joke and called Horan a "stage 5 clinger" and believes that the "Chain to the Rhythm" singer has been following her.

Perry joked on the camera as she posted it on her Instagram stories. The singer said, "You're following me!" Meanwhile, Horan also replied to the singer and added that he is just around everywhere. Further, a report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that Perry has been gushing about the fact that the crooner might have a crush on her.

Perry and Horan special bond

The two singers were both at "The Voice Australia" when Perry snapped a short video for her Instagram page. Perry and Horan had exchanged hellos and jokes at each other. The "Wrecking Ball" singer also shared that they both shared a special bond together as friends.

In one of her interviews, Perry shared that Horan has been flirting with her for quite some time. He even wanted to get her number. Meanwhile, Horan also responded through an interview that he only wanted to make friends with Perry and nothing else more.

Meanwhile, despite the rumors, both of their fans were glad seeing them together and having fun with themselves during their guest performance in the show.

Flirting accusations

Perry once told the Australia morning radio show that Horan seems to be flirting with her. She also jokingly shared that she seems to be like Horan's mom with her age. Despite her silly jokes, the singer further revealed that Horan is an amazing guy and she loves him. She also considered that both of them are connected in a special way since she once helped him get through his "The X-Factor" journey.

Meanwhile, as Horan learned about the flirting accusations, he also made things clear that he was not up to Perry for anything but only friendship. He even appealed on Perry to stop being mean to him. Meanwhile, Horan also joked that Perry is only making it an excuse since she doesn’t want to patronize Horan’s music.

With regards to Perry's statement about her being a mom to Horan, the “One Direction” singer also answered that she is not much older than him since they only have a nine-year age difference. He even made fun about Perry as if she talks like she is already 55 years old. Meanwhile, Perry further shared that Horan wants to date her out and she feels like it’s a lot awkward.